Phishing Scam Attempt

Here’s a warning about domain move phishing scam emails. I received one of these recently.

The online wallet is indeed moving to

However there is an email scam in circulation trying to get people to enter their password and seed phrase into a fake website link.

The email looks genuine at first sight (apart from the spelling mistake for below: ‘use the link bellow”. If you right-click the link “RECOVER WALLET” you can see that the domain is misspelled ( instead of

The other thing which is a giveway indication of a phishing attempt is the email address:

This is a common phishing scam trick.

According to there is no need for wallet users to carry out any “recovery”, their domain move will be transparent with no effect on your account.

Also serves as a general warning to beware of automatically clicking on any links contained in any emails you receive, no matter how genuine they appear.

This is the email I received:


29 Jun (13 days ago)
Blockchain Logo’s Moving… Domains!
Earlier this week we announced that we’ll be consolidating into to create a unified experience for our users. As a reminder, this means you’ll soon be accessing all of your .info favorites from Before anything changes for you, we want to make sure you understand what this means to you and how to move your wallet.

When will this domain move happen?
We want to make sure everything works perfectly when we release this update so we’re tying up any loose ends as we speak. We don’t have an exact date for you yet, but you can expect to see the move over to later this mont

Where will I log in to my wallet and how do I know I’m not on a phishing site?
You’ll soon be logging into your wallet at
You may be used to seeing our SSL certificate on as a way to make sure you’re not on a phishing site.

How will this affect my wallet and transactions?
The only thing that will change for your wallet is where you log in, which will soon be at You’ll have to create a new wallet using the recovery passphrase/mnemonic seed. Once you’re logged in, your balances, transaction history, and imported addresses will all be ready and waiting for you.

If you choose to continue to store your BTC/BCH/ETH with , you’ll have to create a new wallet using the recovery passphrase/mnemonic seed. Please backup your current wallet seed and move to new domain before 29.07.2018 . is decentralized and does not have access to you wallets or info, it`s up to you to move your wallet.

Use the link bellow to move your old wallet to a new wallet using recovery passphrase/mnemonic seed .

recover wallet
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