How To Make A Living Online

seven ways to make a living onlineIf you want to quit the corporate nine to five, then earning a living online can be a viable alternative.

There are some good reasons why many people who want to quit corporate slavery like the idea of making a living online. 

How To Make A Living Online

An online business has many advantages over a traditional offline “bricks and mortar” one.

Online businesses have relatively low overheads and low capital outlay for starting up.

There’s no need for premises or in many cases even a need to employ staff, at least not directly.

Plus you can work from home and work when you want. You can also work whilst travelling – or even make yourself completely location independent, if that’s what you want.

Or so the theory goes.

In reality it’s not quite like that. Building a business online isn’t easy. You still need to have an idea or a skill you can offer. You have to be able to solve problems that people have.

You need know-how to make your business work and you need practical knowledge of marketing. It also takes time to get established. And it still requires money – starting capital, to get started.

But the good news is that it’s definitely possible to create and run a business that operates entirely or largely online and which can give you the advantages mentioned above.

So let’s take a quick look at seven ways of earning a living online.

1. Become a Web Marketing Consultant

The Web is now a major marketing channel. Buying online is becoming more and more accepted among  consumers. This means there’s a big demand for professional practical marketing know-how and expertise.

Online marketing techniques are changing and evolving fast. Which means plenty of opportunity to sell Web marketing services to businesses, provided that you have practical understanding of this subject.

Web marketing, or Internet marketing as it’s sometimes known, covers a very wide range of activities.

Some examples of Web marketing are lead generation, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media, domain and website development, SEO (search engine optimization), web promotion, e-commerce systems, shopping carts and payment systems, membership and forum sites – and a whole load of other activities besides.

The subject of Web marketing is so broad that you have to specialize in one or two techniques. It’s also a good idea to concentrate on serving a specific narrow client niche.

This will give you more chance of success in finding clients and it also makes it easier for you keep up with all the new developments in the sector.

One of the best places to learn how to get started with Web marketing is a training program called Affilorama

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training program which currently provides over 70 hours of training video, including lessons, tips and interviews with leading names in the affiliate and online marketing industry.

The basic Affilorama service is free of charge to users with no obligation whatsoever.

Affilorama is one of the best places for helping you get started with building an affiliate marketing business.


2. Become a Freelance Content Writer/Sales Copywriter

Businesses always need good quality written content for their websites – and lots of it. Content is essential for websites to build and improve their rankings with the search engines in order to attract traffic. Content also has to engage and hold the attention of website visitors.

For many businesses and website owners, writing content for their site is a chore they’d rather not be burdened with themselves.

All of which is good news if you want to be a freelance content writer.

Sales copywriting is another – highly specialized – form of writing which commands good rates. In fact, rates for good quality sales copywriting tend to be much higher than for ordinary website content.

Unlike website content, which aims to attract interest and to inform, sales copy aims to actively sell. Or at the very least encourage an enquiry, lead to a sign-up for a newsletter or brochure, or a product trial.

Sales copywriting involves much more in-depth research into the benefits of the product or service being sold.

Sales copy also has to handle the objections the reader may have to the product or service being offered.

In other words, sales copywriting is basically “salesmanship in print”.

Good sales copywriters aren’t easy to find. Plenty of people can write mediocre website content. Fewer can write good quality engaging website content. Even fewer people succeed in writing quality sales copy that generates sales.

So if writing sales copy is a skill you have mastered – and if you can demonstrate that your sales copy can sell, then you can make a very good living online as a sales copywriter.

If you want to get started as a sales copywriter or a content writer, then a good resource to help with  learning is the Copyblogger website at

You should also listen to the interviews with world-renown sales copywriter John Carlton. You can find these interviews on the Copyblogger website under

3. Become a Website Designer

Every business nowadays needs a website. Yet there are still some businesses, believe it or not, who still don’t yet have a website.

And there are plenty of businesses who do have a website, but one that that is horribly out of date, cumbersome to update and maintain – and a nightmare experience for visitors to navigate and use.

As a result there’s vast potential to build high quality websites for businesses that can perform a better job than the website that they already have.

You don’t have to go deep into programming with html or php (although you need to understand at least the basics). There’s a website Content Management System or CMS called WordPress which makes website building very simple and straightforward.

WordPress is a freely available open source platform which can be customized with literally thousands of different add-on designs (known as themes) as well as thousands of different plugin modules for adding extra user functionality.

All of which makes WordPress an excellent system to use for building websites for clients.

A good way to begin learning how to build websites is to start by learning how to install and configure WordPress. For more information, visit the official WordPress site at 

4. Become a Software Developer

There’s a big shortage of professional programmers and software developers. And especially of programmers who are able to communicate well with clients and create code which properly meets their needs.

Right now the growth area is web apps and mobile apps. There’s an enormous demand for new applications for websites and for web services that can operate over mobile phones.

So if you already possess some programming skills, this is an area where you can earn a good living by setting up your own software development agency.

5. Become a Blogger

There’s plenty of demand for online media. The key is to niche it down and select a specialist subject that you enjoy writing about and where people are spending money.

If you can generate the readers, then you will get the advertising. You can also develop and sell your own products directly to your readers yourself.

In practice it’s not that easy trying to build a business out of a blog. Building up an audience via a blog is a very slow process for most people.

To be commercially viable, a blog needs to have a strong value proposition for the readers. Simply writing blog posts in order to win advertising is not the best approach.

If you can combine your blog with a parallel business idea, a product or service, then it will be more lucrative.

In other words, rather than just regarding your blog as a media voice to interest and entertain an audience, you should treat it as a content marketing platform to reach customers in order to sell products and services yourself..

There’s a great blogging training and mastermind support program run by professional blogger and online marketer David Risley called The Blog Marketing Academy

David Risley’s Blog Marketing Academy provides coaching and training for people who want to learn how to utilize blogging specifically to market products and services, rather than just becoming a blogger for the sake of blogging.

David Risley was himself a blogger, and then an Internet Marketer for many years so he has inside knowledge  and plenty of practical experience.

David set up the Blog Marketing Academy to help other people achieve business success online through blogging – but without making the mistakes and going down the dead ends that so many bloggers make when they begin blogging without any guidance.

Well worth checking out. The Blog Marketing Academy is at 

Click here to find out more about the Blog Marketing Academy

6. Start Your Own eCommerce Store

eCommerce refers to online shopping. The classic example of an online shopping website that everyone knows about is Amazon. It’s like an online department store selling all manner of products.

You can also set up your own eCommerce site in a niche area, specialising in a particular product for a particular market segment.

In many cases, you don’t even need to maintain physical stock yourself. There are a number of merchant services that provide dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a system whereby customers buy the product from you and you then forward the orders on to the merchant who dispatches them from his warehouse to the customer.

You can also set up an eBay store using dropshipping arrangements if you wish. eBay gives you the advantage of a large, already existing audience.

This sounds like an ideal setup, but in practice, there are many hitches.

Supplier problems, product returns, delivery logistics to mention just a few. Plus the dropshipping agent and the merchant will also take their share of the revenue, which can cut into margins.

But if you choose a higher margin product which has strong, bouyant demand, and if you select a reliable merchant, then eCommerce can be a profitable business to be in.

If you want to learn how to set up a profitable eBay store of your own then you should check out an excellent training program called The Complete eBay Marketing System.

It’s run by Skip McGrath who is an eBay specialist  and also runs his own eBay store.

The Complete eBay Marketing System is maybe the best eBay training course out there if you’re interested in learning how to launch your own eBay store.

Check out Skip McGrath’s The Complete eBay Marketing System at 

7. Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is much easier than eCommerce or dropshipping.

You simply join an established affiliate network and sign up to promote the products or services of businesses that are active in your niche.

There’s no need for any product stock or distribution arrangements. Instead, you promote the affiliate products for the businesses that you are partnered with.

Being an affiliate has very low starting costs and overheads, but it can take some time to build an audience.

Some of the biggest nationally and internationally known brands are now represented on affiliate networks.  So you can have the advantage of working with and promoting well known brands from well-established companies.

One of the best places to learn how to get started with affiliate marketing is a training program called Affilorama.

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training program which currently provides over 70 hours of training video, including lessons, tips and interviews with leading names in the affiliate and online marketing industry.

The basic Affilorama service is free of charge to users with no obligation whatsoever.

Affilorama is one of the best places for finding the know-how to get started if you want to build an affiliate marketing business.

As well as the free basic service from Affilorama, they also provide a more in-depth, premium, paid-for training program called Affilorama Premium.

Click here to find out more about Affiliate Marketing Training With Affilorama

So there’s some ideas to whet your appetite if you’re interested in making a living online. Good luck!



Image: BloggersMakeMoney – Courtesy of SEOPlanter

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