How To Quit The Thank God It’s Friday Mindset

friday_Radoslav MinchevThe weekend is on its way.

Don’t get excited.

It only lasts two days.

But what if you don’t want to live your life with the Thank God It’s Friday mindset?

How To Quit The Thank God It’s Friday Mindset

TGIF, or “Thank God It’s Friday” is the way many people who don’t like their jobs get through their working week.

If you also feel like you’re in this situation and also thinking like this, then here’s my advice to you

If you don’t like the TGIF lifestyle, then first of all stop saying “Thank God it’s Friday”.

Ban it from your vocabulary. It’s a deadly and flawed mindset. TGIF is a gasp of helplessness.

Next, start doing something about it.

Ask yourself: why do you think like this? Why are you continually waiting for the weekend? What is it that you want to escape from? What is it that you don’t like? Identify your own personal reasons behind this.

The next question to ask yourself is: What can I do about it? Should I change my job? Maybe it’s the employer or some aspect of your present job situation that you find intolerable.

Or maybe the dissatisfaction goes further than this and it’s your whole career that you don’t like?

Do you feel the need to break out of this career and find something better?

Watch Who You Mix With

Are you doing your present job or stuck in your present career because of pressure and expectations from other people? Maybe pressure from parents, partner, friends or influences from the past?

A few years back I changed my own situation. I no longer work in salaried jobs. Nor do I take on contracts with clients that I don’t like or in sectors I can’t stand.

And as far as possible I avoid mixing with people who have limiting “nine to five” attitudes, because that sort of thing is contagious and is a killer to your entrepreneurial spirit.

Change Your Lifestyle To Fit Your New Outlook

I also changed a number of other things.

For example, I now avoid mainstream media, particularly TV.

TV is based on the nine-to-five and the TGIF outlook. Channel TV doesn’t get a look in with me any more. Nor am I interested in their negative “news” agenda.

I modified a number of my routines. For example, I work at different times of the day. Right now I’m using the concept of work sessions. Mostly I have three work sessions per day. Morning, afternoon and evening.

I have these work sessions pretty well every day of the week. Each session lasts just a couple of hours. Though any particular session can vary in length, especially the evening one. Length, start and finishing times are not set in stone.

I also tend to work weekends. I usually take a little time off during the week instead of at the weekend.

Watch Out For Routines

Routines can be useful, but it’s important not to get bogged down into thinking in routines for everything.

Some tasks are ideally suited to routine. Like brushing your teeth, doing your invoices and your book keeping. Or checking your email.

But other routines can be restricting. Too much routine can cause you to lose your perception of time and your awareness of the value of time. You need spontaneity and change in your life as well as routine.

You sometimes hear of freelancers or self employed people, especially people working from home, who put on formal working clothes, such as suit, tie etc, when they start their working day. Even though they are working from home.

And then go and shut themselves in a room they have set aside as an office in their home.

Reserving a separate room or a corner of a room as your office can be practical. I’ve done this myself. But what I find bizarre is the practice of changing into a suit and tie when you are working from home.

They say they do it because “it makes them feel the part” or that they then feel “ready for work”.

These people have spent far too long in the nine to five and are still stuck thinking like a salary man.

Downsize Your Life

Another thing I did was to downsize.

I took a look at what I spent money on. Especially things like monthly subscriptions for insurances, cable TV, membership schemes, mobile phone, etc.

I realized a lot of this expenditure wasn’t necessary. The benefit I derived from it was minimal compared to the outlay involved.

I also looked at my consuming. I found many things I was buying hardly without thinking about it or because it was expected of me by others. So by eliminating a large part of this I was able to cut out a lot of expenditure and save money.

This meant I no longer needed the same income as before. I was no longer a slave to a job like I used to be. This gave me more freedom of choice. More options became open to me than I had before.

Don’t Forget – Time is Valuable and Life is Short

We should never forget that “Time is valuable and time is short”.

We should use our time wisely and get full value from it. We don’t get any of our time back.

So why stay stuck in a job or career you hate, just to say to yourself every week “Thank God It’s Friday”?

Since I quit my salaried job, I changed my motto from “Thank God It’s Friday” to “What – Friday already?”

So stop waiting for the weekend – and start fully living your life seven days a week.

Image: Friday – courtesy of Radoslav Minchev

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