How To Self-Hypnotize Yourself

spiral-303135_960_720So how do you go about hypnotizing yourself?

I’m going to give you some short practical instructions to self-hypnotize yourself.

How To Self-Hypnotize Yourself

The method I describe here is is not the only way there is of hypnotizing yourself. There are many methods you can use.

You will also need to practice and you will need to have patience. This is a simple method that will get you started and on your way with the process of self-hypnotism.

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the message or the suggestion you want to give yourself during the hypnosis session.

Your suggestion message should focus on one thing only, just one message. This is because it’s easier for the mind to process one single message during hypnosis and this will give you more chance of success. So don’t try giving yourself a whole list of things you want to achieve or change in one session – it won’t work!

Secondly, make sure you draft your message in positive terms, rather than using the negative. This is because the subconscious mind does not process negatives very well.

If you say to yourself: “I am now more self confident with selling to prospects”, this will be more successful than drafting it as “I am no longer lacking in self-confidence when selling to prospects”.

Also, you should frame your suggestion in the present tense, and not the future tense. Make sure you make it strident and firm, not tentative or uncertain.

So don’t say: “I want to be…” or “I would like to be more self-confident when selling to prospects”. Keep it positive, and use “I AM self-confident…” or “I AM now self-confident…”

So, now you have your suggestion message drafted. Next you can start your hypnosis session.

It’s best to allow at least 15 minutes for your self-hypnosis session. But you can set a longer period if you wish, eg between 15 and 30 minutes. But I’d recommend around 15 or 20 minutes for your first sessions.

You can set an alarm for example on your mobile phone to end the session at the end of the time period you have decided on if you wish. But you may well find you come out of the hypnosis by yourself just before the session is due to end and your alarm is about to go off.

Find yourself a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. It doesn’t have to be completely quiet, but you should not be directly disturbed by other people or phones or anything else. It is possible to hypnotize yourself in a ńoisy location, but when you are starting out, it will be easier if you find a place which is quiet.

Obviously you must NOT practice this when you are driving or operating any form of machinery, equipment or other processes.

It’s also better to be sitting in a chair rather than lying down. This is because we tend to associate lying down with going to sleep. In a hypnosis session you will be aiming to relax yourself, and most likely also closing your eyes, or letting your eyes close – so there may be a chance that you could fall asleep.

However, you don’t want to fall asleep in hypnosis as you won’t then be able to derive any benefit from the session – apart from having a snooze!

Make yourself comfortable in your chair. Keeping your eyes open, focus on an object in the room. It could be a lampshade, a plant, a book on a shelf, a spot on the wall. Whatever it is, keep it in focus all the time. As you do this, take three or four deep slow breaths in and out.

Next you can start to relax your body. You can progressively relax the parts of your body using “progressive muscle relaxation” or PMR.

You do this by alternately tensing up each part of your body and then relaxing it. Starting with your forehead, your face, your shoulders and arms, your hands, your abdomen, your upper and lower legs, and your feet. When you are sure you are completely relaxed, take three more slow deep breaths.

Now repeat the word “sleep” to yourself slowly over and over for a minute or so. You will probably find your eyelids are now starting to close.

Next, begin counting backwards from 100 back towards zero. As you count back, tell yourself you are relaxed. 99…I feel relaxed.. 98…I feel relaxed… 97..relaxed…relaxed.

You may find that you become fully relaxed quicker than you expected and that you no longer need to continue counting backwards after a very short while. It can vary.

But when this happens, you should now be fully relaxed and in a state of hypnosis. It may or may not be very deep, but it will be a state of heightened hypnotic suggestibility.

Now you can focus on your suggestion. You can repeat your suggestion message aloud if you wish, or you can say it to yourself silently in your mind. Say it over and over, but stay completely relaxed. There is no hurry, no need for stress.

Visualize it with imagery if you can. For example, if your suggestion message is “I am now fully self-confident when selling to prospects”, imagine yourself talking to a prospect, maybe nodding and affirming, positively answering their questions and getting their agreement.

Imagine them signing the sales contract and shaking your hand, smiling and thanking you for helping them discover, choose, and buy your product. They depart, happy, pleased and glad to have been able to do business with you and to enjoy the benefit of your service.

Stay relaxed and focused and repeat your suggestion message for as long as you have the time available in your hypnosis session. You will probably know intuitively at least roughly how much time you have available in the session to do this.

Then, when you feel it’s time to return, you can start to exit your hypnotic state. The “return” as it’s often called is usually done much more quickly than entering your hypnotic state.

You can easily return by counting back from five to one, either silently in your mind, or out loud, as you wish.

For example:

Awakening yourself out of your hypnotic state gradually as you count five..

FIVE waking up, FOUR, waking up more.. THREE waking up more and more… TWO, opening eyes wide… ONE… WIDE AWAKE, TAKE A DEEP BREATH – AND STRETCH.

And with that, you will have now completed your very first self hypnosis session.

It may not necessarily have been that deep. It can take a little practice. At the very least, you should have achieved a positive state of relaxation which will help you to be open and receptive to your suggestion message.

It’s not that easy in practice for people to self-hypnotize themselves. This is because you are acting as both the hypnotist and the receiver.

In some later posts I’ll talk about some techniques you can utilize to improve the effectiveness of your self-hypnosis sessions.

One good way to help you more easily achieve a state of self-hypnosis is to use a guided hypnosis audio program.

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Disclaimer: This article does not constitute or provide medical advice, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or protect against any disease or illness. This content is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If in doubt, consult a medical professional. Do not practice self hypnosis, or listen or watch hypnosis audio or video if under 18, if pregnant, or suffering from a medical condition without prior medical approval, or while driving or operating machinery or equipment. Always select an environment that is safe and secure. Any instructions given may be used only at your own risk.


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