Self-Hypnosis and Positive Thinking

vibrant-757820_960_720Self-hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that practically everyone can learn to use.

You can use self-hypnosis to help you overcome problems, to achieve your goals, and to gain insights into issues and help you find solutions to problems.

Self-Hypnosis and Positive Thinking

Self-Hypnosis is a means of communicating with and programming your subconscious mind directly, rather than having to go via the slower route of the conscious mind to reach the subconscious mind.

When you practice self-hypnosis, it’s important to be clear about what you are aiming to achieve through your hypnosis. In other words, you should make sure you have a clear positive suggestion to give yourself while in hypnosis that will benefit you in a way that is useful to you.

When you are framing your suggestion, it’s important that you focus on what you really do want and not on that which you don’t want.

That might sound obvious, but the fact is, many people have a tendency to do the latter. We almost always know what we definitely do not want. If they are prompted, practically everyone can often make a long list without much difficulty of all the things they dislike and don’t want.

But when it comes to defining what they DO really want, people are all too often less clear.  And unfortunately this is where we can end up hindering ourselves in life.

What we think about and what we focus on will tend to manifest itself in our lives. Whether this happens through some mystical “law of attraction” process, or simply works it’s way into our subconscious and the way that we interact and view the world, the fact is, one way or the other, what we focus on tends to come true.

It’s like if you are interested in buying a say a red Toyota hatchback car. Suddenly you start seeing red Toyota cars on the streets and in the parking lots.

So you check out the red Toyotas that you come across. You note the model variations, you visit websites about Toyota hatchbacks. You start noticing Toyota dealerships on streets where you never noticed them before.

And you also start to notice the special deals on offer for Toyota hatchbacks. Before you know it, you’ve got yourself a great new Toyota hatchback in red – and at a bargain price.

So it is also with our business success. We “create” – or assist in creating, that which we actively focus on.

Whatever the underlying reason for this phenomena, the “law of attraction” has been observed to generally hold true in practice. Pretty well every successful business person will tell you that your own outlook, your own positive thinking, your MINDSET, is the most crucial thing in determining your own success.

I don’t believe in any mystical processes. I simply think all this works on a natural psychological level. It’s mainly to do with positive thinking and positive expectations working in a way which opens up your mind to the possibilities that exist in the world.

So don’t focus on what you DON’T want. The universe doesn’t actually know if you really want a red Toyota hatchback or whatever. It’s just that your own focus is on “red Toyota hatchback”. Make sure you focus on what you really do want.

And use that positive wish to formulate your positive psycho-suggestion for your self-hypnosis session.

One good way to help you achieve a positive state of self-hypnosis is to use a guided hypnosis audio program.

250x250Invest in a Professional Self-Hypnosis Audio Program

Self hypnosis can be easier to perform if you use a guided self hypnosis audio program.

There’s one very good producer of self-hypnosis audio program that I can recommend. They’re called and in my opinion they are one of the best available. have been in business for some 15 years and they produce over 150 different self-hypnosis audio programs individually designed to cover a range of diverse subject areas such as addictions, business and careers, confidence and self-esteem, education and learning, fears, phobias, habits, performance, personal development, weight loss and lots more.

All the audio programs from are produced and voiced by top professional hypnotherapists. And they’re available at a fair and affordable price. In fact, they are truly excellent value for money.

What I especially like about is that they have a strong ethical commitment to honesty and transparency towards their customers and their audio programs really are top quality.

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Disclaimer: This article does not constitute or provide medical advice, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or protect against any disease or illness. This content is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If in doubt, consult a medical professional. Do not practice self hypnosis, or listen or watch hypnosis audio or video if under 18, if pregnant, or suffering from a medical condition without prior medical approval, or while driving or operating machinery or equipment. Always select an environment that is safe and secure. Any instructions given may be used only at your own risk.


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