Should I Start a Blog?


Many people ask themselves if they should start a blog when they are thinking of quitting their job and launching their own business.

Particularly if it’s an online-based business, people wonder if they should also start a blog.

I also often get people asking me this question.


Should I Start a Blog?

Blogging can be fun. It’s also enjoyable if you like writing and expressing yourself.

Some people say that if you want to make changes in your life, for example, if you want to quit your job, if you want to move into another career direction or if you want to start a business – then one of the first things you should do is to start a blog about it.

Some people also recommend that you should take up blogging in these cases as a kind of personal accountability or “entrepreneur’s progress” type of exercise.

In the majority of cases, I disagree with this advice.

It’s true that for many people, putting down your thoughts onto paper, or into your computer, can serve as a useful exercise in helping to clarify what you want and how you’re going to get there. It can also be useful in documenting the steps and stages that you go through along the way.

But does this have to be made public? Does it have to be in the form of a publicly published blog?

If you want to blog for the sake of blogging, then fine. Maybe you’ve never blogged before and you  like the idea of having a blog.  There’s no reason why you shouldn’t maintain a blog if that’s what you want to do.

Blogs Have a Heavy Overhead

The trouble with blogs is they are time-consuming. There’s an overhead involved with blogs in terms of time, effort, and mind space.

The tendency with a blog is for this overhead to increase. There are always more features to add, more posts to write. It never stops.

A blog for many people can also become an inflated ego-project. You find you compare yourself with other bloggers and striving to compete. You can feel you have to continually keep up with the rest of the blogging community.

All of this activity takes time and effort.  Time and effort that you could be spending on starting and running your business.

A Blog is Not a Business

The other thing is that it can be all too easy to confuse a blog with the actual business.

They’re not the same.

A blog is just a blog. It’s not necessarily a business. It can be a business, but in most cases, a blog is not a business. It’s just a means of communication.

Personal Accountability Blogs Are a Dime a Dozen

Another reason not to start a blog is that personal accountability and entrepreneur’s personal journey type blogs are now a dime a dozen. As are location independent and travel blogs.

The Internet and the so-called “blogosphere” are now flooded with such blogs. The world doesn’t need yet another personal accountability blog.

I myself made these mistakes and more. This blog you’re reading now, BreakingOut.NET started off as a personal accountability type blog.

I then realized it wasn’t what I wanted – nor either what I needed. And nor was it what the audience really needed.

So I switched the focus of this blog away from the personal accountability and personal blog angle to concentrate on helping other people who wanted to quit corporate life and start their own business.

Start a Journal – Not a Blog

Rather than start a blog, one thing I’d recommend you do is to start a diary or journal if you don’t already maintain one. A private diary. No need to make it public. It should be just for you and you alone.

A diary or journal has many advantages over a blog. For a start it’s less time consuming. And it can’t become a vanity project.

What’s more, because it’s private you can be totally honest about everything.

Your journal doesn’t have to be in paper form. You can maintain it on your computer – or online if you prefer. You can even set it up as a private password protected blog, using the free blogging services of or if you want to. Just don’t make it publicly accessible.

Are There Any Good Business Reasons For Starting a Blog?

Yes. There are at least two I can think of.

If you’re starting an online business then you might best be able to reach your target audience by means of a blog. This is particularly true of the Internet Marketing niche.

Also, for some products and services aimed at narrow and specific markets, a blog is a good way to communicate with that niche. In this case, the blog IS in a sense the business. Or at least, it’s the marketing vehicle by which your business can sell to your audience.

Another reason for launching a blog is to serve as a traffic generation add-on for an existing business – whether online or offline – or both.

Adding a blog to your business website is a good strategy for increasing traffic to your site. Google and other search engines love blogs.

Your audience – your prospects and your customers, can  also benefit from your business website hosting a blog. A blog can add value to your website. You can use it to communicate with customers and potential customers.

But other than these exceptions, my advice to you would be: start a business, not a blog.

If you’re planning to start a business in which you will be aiming to target your market primarily by means of a blog, then it’s worthwhile to learn how to blog properly.

Blogging can be a minefield of mistakes and dead ends for the unwary.

But if  you learn how to professionally set up and maintain a blog to drive a business then blogging can turn out to be highly profitable.

A good way to learn professional blogging for business is to sign up for a blogging training course.

There’s an excellent blog marketing training course available right now called Blog Marketing Academy. More about this below.

David Risley’s Blog Marketing Academy Helps You Build Your Own Solid, Profitable Online Business

David Risley has been an online entrepreneur now for over 14 years.

He launched the Blog Marketing Academy to provide professional, practical training in the skills of successful business blogging for new entrepreneurs.

The Blog Marketing Academy is a practical training program and a mastermind support group all in one.

Unlike most blogging training programs, the Blog Marketing Academy takes a somewhat different approach.

The Academy training is based on David’s own practical experience over the years first as a blogger, then as a Web marketer proper.

David realized that the key to building a successful business online is not to become a blogging per se – but rather to utilize blogging as a MARKETING device to promote a business.

Instead, you should regard yourself as a MARKETER who utilizes blogging. This is a crucial difference.

The main part of the Academy training is a series of training assignments designed to get you actively applying and USING the information that you are learning.

You receive active support from the Academy staff, including David Risley himself. This makes it truly interactive training which David takes seriously.

So not only do you learn about the practice of online business, you are also actively applying the skills and receiving mentoring and feedback at the same time.

If you want to get started building a solid, profitable online business, then David Risley’s Blog Marketing Academy is an ideal training and mentoring program.

Membership of the Blog Marketing Academy Gives You:

  • Core Training Based On The Academy Roadmap, so you have a clear path to follow.
  • Access to the Academy members-only “What’s Working Now” blog, giving you exclusive, insider updates on the latest tools and tactics.
  • Access to the Academy Forums and the private Facebook group, so you can get the help you need from David and fellow members.
  • Access to bi-weekly mastermind calls, so that everyone can communicate in real time and help and mentor each other.

Want To Join the Blog Marketing Academy?

The Blog Marketing Academy has three membership terms, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Monthly Membership for only $29.95 per month

  • Gives you access to all Academy courses
  • Access to Academy forums
  • Access to all live workshops 
  • Plus access to live mastermind sessions

Quarterly Membership at only $79 per quarter

  • Access to all Academy courses
  • Access to all live workshops
  • Access to Academy forums
  • Plus access to live mastermind sessions

AND at 10% off regular price

Yearly Membership for only $239 per year

  • Gives you all Academy courses
  • Access to all live workshops
  • Access to Academy forums
  • Access to live mastermind sessions

AND 33% off regular price

All membership options for the Blog Marketing Academy also come with a Full Money Back Guarantee if for any reason you should be dissatisfied.

Click Here To Check Out David Risley’s Blog Marketing Academy

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