Ten Stupid Mistakes Made By The Newly Self-Employed – Mistake No. 4: Putting On A Fake Front

The following article series is reproduced from www.StevePavlina.com with kind permission of Steve Pavlina

This is part four of a ten-part series of articles by Steve Pavlina about the mistakes made by the newly self-employed. 

Ten Stupid Mistakes Made By The Newly Self-Employed – Mistake No. 4: Putting On A Fake Front

Many one-person businesses refer to themselves as “we.”

That’s something a lot of new entrepreneurs do, but it isn’t necessary.

There’s nothing wrong with a one-person business, especially today. My games business has mostly been a we over the years, but my personal development business is still an I.

My wife’s VegFamily Magazine business is a we, since she has a staff working for her, but her web consulting business is an I.

It’s perfectly OK to refer to your business as an I when you’re the only one working in it. Pretending that you’re a we when you’re really an I is a bit silly. It’s not going to gain you any respect in a way that matters.

Promoting yourself as an I may even be an advantage today, since people will know the buck stops with you, and if you make a promise, you’re the one who will carry it out. Promises from a we sometimes aren’t worth very much.

But if you’re a newly self-employed person, don’t pretend you’re anything else. Price your products and services fairly for your level of skills and talents.

Some newly self-employed people think they must become actors. The business they promote to the world is pure fantasy. Trying to fool your customers in this manner will only backfire.

If you’re so desperate for business that you need to lie, you shouldn’t be starting your own business.

If you can’t provide real value and charge fairly for it, don’t play the game of business.

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