Ten Stupid Mistakes Made By The Newly Self-Employed – Mistake No. 8: Sacrificing Your Personality Quirks

The following article series is reproduced from www.StevePavlina.com with kind permission of Steve Pavlina

This is part eight of a ten-part series of articles by Steve Pavlina about the mistakes made by the newly self-employed. 

Ten Stupid Mistakes Made By The Newly Self-Employed – Mistake No. 8: Sacrificing Your Personality Quirks

In the early years of running my games business, I took myself too seriously and assumed that I had to act “businesslike” .

Whatever that meant.

Being self-employed was a weighty responsibility, and other people were counting on me. Sink or swim, right?

I started my games business in my early 20s, and people in their early 20s are invariably weird.

But I assumed that as a business owner, being weird wasn’t appropriate or acceptable.

So most of my business letters and emails looked like they were written by the same people who created Microsoft’s EULAs. The job title of “President” really went to my head. I learned how to function without a personality.

It took a number of years, but eventually I became comfortable just being myself, especially after my games business became profitable. Now that I’m a blogger, my personality quirks and unusual experiences are strengths.

My personal oddities give my blog a unique flavor. If I were to take myself too seriously and write more formally, then my blog would be very dull and would likely lose much of its audience.

It’s perfectly OK to be your own weird self and to inject your own unique spirit into your business, especially if you’re in your teens or 20s.

Don’t be afraid to be more like Steve Jobs… and less like Steve Ballmer. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

Ultimately you’ll enjoy your work much more if you attract the kinds of customers and partners that want to work with you for who you are — warts and all.

Send the people who only want to work with androids to your corporate competitors.

They deserve each other.

If other people can’t handle your weirdness, too bad for them.

Focus your energy on the people who can.

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