How To Start A Profitable Business Selling On Amazon


Amazon is the world’s biggest online shopping store.

But did you know YOU can also sell your own products using Fulfilment By Amazon?

Fulfilment By Amazon is a program which enables independent sellers to sell their products on Amazon.  


Discover How To Maximize Your Sales and Profits Using Fulfilment By Amazon

Fulfilment By Amazon is THE way for you to get the benefit of Amazon’s great popularity and high volume traffic to sell online with minimal fuss and overhead.

What’s more, Amazon take care of warehousing and shipping for you as well.

Fulfilment By Amazon or FBA enables you to reach a much bigger audience than you ever could with your own rcommerce website.

Provided you know how to do it.

As many newcomers will testify, selling on Amazon FBA isn’t so easy in practice.

Amazon is open to practically everyone.

But it’s the sellers who utilize the techniques the professionals use that know how to sell the most and make the highest profits.

To sell and compete successfully on Amazon FBA, you need to equip yourself with the technical know-how that will put YOU ahead of the competition.

Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course will show you how to use Amazon FBA to build an ecommerce business which maximizes your sales AND your profits in the shortest possible time.

Who is Jim Cockrum?

Jim Cockrum is one of the most world’s most reputable and well-known ecommerce marketing professionals.

Jim has been an active seller on both Amazon & eBay since 1997 while also training others to be successful in the ecommerce business. He now has a large network of former students turned partners & coaches all running their own successful online businesses.

Jim Cockrum has appeared in numerous news and radio programs as well as publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Men’s Health magazine, and others.

Jim’s two membership sites at and serve as a premier source of advice, training, know-how and online community for over 10,1000 active members.

What is The Proven Amazon Course?

The Proven Amazon Course or PAC as it’s sometimes called, focuses on teaching you how to get the most out of Amazon’s FBA or Fulfilment By Amazon Program.

The PAC is designed to help people with no experience of commercial selling on Amazon FBA.

The course includes multiple step by step videos on the aspects of building an Amazon FBA business that you won’t find anywhere else on the Web.

What You Get With The Proven Amazon Course

  • An Introduction to Amazon FBA – both audio interview and full transcript
  • Categorized course videos covering every aspect of setting up and running your Amazon business
  • Business automation tools that will enable you to smoothly run your business “hands off”
  • Multiple strategy guides for sourcing profitable product inventory
  • Moderated discussion forum for course members where you can ask questions, share creative ideas and receive help.
  • Lifetime full access to Jim’s community. Thousands of members pay separately for access to that community, so this alone is worth more than the price of the PAC.
  • Access to the private moderated Facebook group for course members for those who prefer Facebook to traditional forums.
  • Jim’s Private Label Strategy video training course
  • Jim’s Advanced Retail Arbitrage training program which shows you how to source products locally.

The Proven Amazon Course Is Designed For Entrepreneurs Anywhere In The World

The Proven Amazon Course isn’t just for US-based entrepreneurs.

The PAC has successful students from all over the world. Fulfillment by Amazon enables you to accept sales orders across 27 European countries offering local returns handling and customer service in UK, Germany, and France.

Where you live does not matter. Amazon FBA is open for business throughout the world.

How You’ll Profit From The Proven Amazon Course

The Proven Amazon Course will show you the techniques and insider know-how to put you ahead of the competition and give your business the clear advantage.

The Proven Amazon Course will show you:

  • Where to locate profitable product sources no matter where you live in the world.
  • The easiest way to ship your inventory in bulk at low prices directly to Amazon’s warehouse from where they ship on to your customers.
  • How to price your product lines higher than your competitors – and still outsell them.
  • How to automate your entire sales process so there’s no need to see, touch or even store your product inventory yourself.
  • How to run your Amazon business from anywhere in the world – and make yourself truly location independent if you wish.


You also receive a FREE copy of Jim’s “Selling on Amazon Mentorship Series” (SAMS).

SAMS is a package of 15 detailed video training sessions with top Amazon sellers who were paid to share their selling secrets with the course.

SAMS includes such topics as:

  • How to increase your sales on Amazon to the next level
  • How to use gift cards for promoting sales
  • How to source products such as health & beauty, cleaning supplies, toys and games
  • Issues around sales taxes
  • Selling internationally on Amazon

Plus There’s Another Bonus!

When you purchase the PAC you also receive automatic membership of Jim Cockrum’s forum with over 8,000 members – at no extra charge.

The Proven Amazon Course is Great Value For Money

The Proven Amazon Course contains tens of thousands of dollars worth of Amazon seller know-how. The price should really be at least ten times what is actually being charged.

If you want to build your own successful ecommerce business on Amazon, then Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon course is probably the best and most comprehensive course you can invest in.

Grab Your Copy of The Proven Amazon Course – And Get Started Building Your Business On Amazon NOW

The Proven Amazon Course has now sold thousands of copies throughout the world.

It’s one of the most solid, reputable and professional training courses available and has already helped thousands of people get started selling successfully on Amazon FBA.

The Proven Amazon Course can do the same for you.

Don’t waste any time.

Grab Your Copy of The Proven Amazon Course – and discover how to build your own highly profitable ecommerce business on Amazon right NOW! 

For more information visit


Important note: The Proven Amazon Course is not an official Amazon course and nor is it endorsed by Amazon.
The Proven Amazon course is an independent training program created, managed and operated by Jim Cockrum, an experienced Amazon seller and ecommerce coach.


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