Why Being A Digital Entrepreneur is Much Better Than Being An Employee

I just sat down and did a quick list off the top of my head of the practical advantages of being a digital entrepreneur vs being an employee.

So here goes…

You’re the one in charge

You’re the boss. Say no more.

And so you’re the one who decides what you do each day, not someone else.

You’re building your own asset

You’re not working to build someone else’s. So everything you create is your own property, not someone else’s.

Online business is exciting

Running your own business is never boring. There’s never a dull moment. And you learn something new every day.

You can pursue your real purpose in life

You aren’t stuck in a cycle of doing tasks simply because you are being paid to do them.

Your work has a greater meaning and it can be part of your own real purpose in life.

You learn much more

Being an entrepreneur you can learn a very wide range of skills if you want to.

And especially with online entrepreneurship, where there’s so much going on and so much changing so fast. It’s never boring.

No more commuting

I always found having to travel on a crowded, stuffy train with loads of other people twice a day demeaning and depressing. When you have your own online business there’s no more commuting.

No more staff canteens

To me food is one of the important things in life. I’ve always hated staff canteens. I don’t like the food nor do I like the regimentation of the staff canteen.

I used to try and avoid eating in them even when I was an employee. I preferred to go out to eat, but sometimes the canteen was unavoidable.

When you work from home you can cook and eat whatever you want. Much tastier and much more enjoyable.

More fresh air and flexible working hours

You can take a break whenever you want.

Go for a walk, a cycle ride or a trip into town. You’re not confined to an office nine to five anymore. You can also set your own hours and work when you want. Morning, afternoon, evening, late at night..and vary it as you wish.

You can freely meet and mix with other entrepreneurs

When I was an employee, I rarely went to start up meetings or entrepreneur meetups. Meeting entrepreneurs was furthest from my mind.

You can work in a co-working centre

You don’t have work alone at home. You can work in a co-working centre if you want. There you can meet other lively interesting dynamic people who are also starting and running their own online businesses.

E-commerce is a great opportunity

The boom in online commerce is creating loads of new business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

All you have to do is to be willing to select one for yourself.

You can’t get fired

Since you’re your own boss, you can’t get fired.

Being your own boss gives you more security than the average employee ever has.

You control your own destiny

Again, since you are the boss, you’re the one who is in charge.

You are the one who steers your own destiny. Not someone else or an organization or company.

You can be location independent

You have many more choices for your location than you have when you are tired to working for a boss in an offline job.

In some cases, you can even go completely location independent if you wish.

You can be much more creative

Since you are no longer a cog in a large corporate machine, you can be much more creative in your work.

You can help to change things and mold things the way you want them. You can build a business that reflects your own goals and values.

No more corporate speak

It’s a relief no longer to have to deal with endless emails wanting to “touch base”, or asking you to “kindly do the needful”, “please escalate and revert”, or to “give me a call at close of play today”.

No more corporate meetings

No more Powerpoint. No more woffle. No more time wasting.

No more worker drones

You don’t have to put up with jobsworths, office drones or dead-heads and their tedious daily chatter in the office or in the staff canteen every lunchtime anymore.

And no more loonies, nose pickers, whingers, or people who want the office window kept shut. Nor people who bitch and back bite about others or else try to suck up to the boss just to get promotion.

You can wear what you want

There’s no need to wear a suit and tie or uncomfortable shoes anymore. And none of those ghastly so-called “casual Fridays” anymore either.

Every day can be as “casual” or non-casual as you want. It’s entirely up to you.

No more clock-watching

Or worrying about what time you walk out of the door. Or “Thank God it’s Friday”. Or colleagues counting up how many vacation days and public holiday days there are this year in their Outlook calendar.

And no more Outlook. Or Windows.

No more “staff appraisals”

No more “human resources” crapola such as “annual appraisals”. For that matter, no more “human resources” either.

Being an online entrepreneur has so many advantages, it makes me wonder why anyone still bothers to settle for being an employee anymore!


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