Why You Should Turn Off The News

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you watch or read the news?

Does news really help you with your business?

Why not simply turn off the news!

Why You Should Turn Off The News

When I was a boy, the “news” was to me the most boring programme of all on tv.  I still often think it is today.

Now to say this might be running the risk of ridicule. Grown adults aren’t supposed to say such things.

I used to consume “news” avidly. I saw it almost as a duty as an educated person with the good fortune to have been born in a developed Western country to be continually informed about what was going on in the world.

But I came to realize I was basically just being a passive consumer of whatever the news media choose to publish or broadcast.

This feeling intensified with the coming of the Web.

Most “News” is Bad News

The fact is that most news is bad. Journalists know that “bad news sells best”.  Which means death, crime, wars and bad economic events.

Economic news is most often bad news, even in boom times.  But bad news is bad for you. And if you are starting and running your own business, then bad economic news is especially bad for you.

You don’t need this sort of negativity. Even in “bad” times, there are always opportunities. The digital  media and marketing sector is seeing massive growth like never before.

Enormous opportunities are opening up, but you’d hardly think it if you listen to the daily TV news put out by the old media.

Another reason not to consume news is that most of it is just too remote from ordinary people. It’s not relevant to our lives.

The “News” is Stiff, Plastic and Remote

Another reason I avoid news, is that it’s based on an agenda set by newsmen presented in a formal fashion in a phoney environment. It’s about suits and autocues. It’s stilted, plastic, and false.

News about “finance”, “financial markets”, politicians in suits getting in and out of black limousines. Shaking hands and uttering the same old carefully sanitized PR statements.

Compare this with the spontaneity of bloggers with their blog posts and video clips on the Web. Ordinary people talking naturally via the video camera in their homes.

They’re not dressed up in a fake studio environment. Bloggers, forums, websites written by people, talking, discussing, describing what they themselves are doing in their own lives.

Stop Consuming News

Another reason for not consuming news is that it’s a waste of your own valuable time.

There’s so much information competing for our attention that you have to be selective.

Thanks to the Internet, digitization, and new methods of news content presentation, we’re now able to decide for ourselves what news is really relevant to us and what isn’t.

So turn off the news. And work on your business instead.

No news is good news!


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2 Responses to Why You Should Turn Off The News

  1. Joey February 10, 2016 at 10:06 pm #

    If I ever find myself at a business and they have the news on (or a political show), I send them a letter asking to turn to a different channel.


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