Why The Thank God It’s Friday Mindset is Flawed

friday_Radoslav MinchevIt’s Friday once again!

The working week is over. You can now relax and enjoy yourself!

Many if not all of us have had this feeling.

Why the Thank God It’s Friday Mindset is Flawed

So many people seem to live mainly for the weekend.

TGIF is like the adrenalin rush from a drug. Friday evening, everyone is happy and looking forward to their weekend.

Then it’s Saturday. Maybe you have tasks to complete, shopping to do, work on the house, car or garden to complete. Your wife or partner is nagging you about DIY jobs that urgently need doing or completing.

You spend time standing in the supermarket queue, in the parking lot, in traffic, or going to the DIY superstore to purchase supplies.

Then comes Saturday night. The classic evening when everyone is “out on the town”. Or maybe if you have a wife and kids, and after a stressful day spent doing all the things a parent has to do, you’re just grateful to be able to veg out in front of the TV at last and relax, without the thought of having to go to work next day.

Then it’s Sunday. The last day of the weekend. Maybe more chores await. The car to wash. The lawn to mow. Possibly a visit somewhere, or from someone. Or perhaps a barbecue.

And then of course, as Sunday evening approaches, WORK is waiting on the horizon come Monday morning. And the whole stress cycle begins again. Til next Friday…

Waiting for Friday to come around every time is flawed thinking. Our enjoyment of life and our activities should not be kept on hold until just 2 days of the week.

Your Time is Valuable – So Don’t Waste It

Our individual human lives on here Earth last for an extremely short period. In terms of the universe, it’s practically just the wink of an eye. Even that’s assuming we get to live the average “three score years and ten” plus maybe a few extra bonus years, if we’re lucky. This is all the time we have, at least in this life.

So time is our most precious commodity of all.

And the good thing about it is that this time is at least YOURS while it lasts. You can spend it in any way you like.

So where do most of us spend our time?

We spend our time confining ourselves to doing jobs that we hate. And then we spend more time complaining and wishing we were somewhere else. We survive the Monday to Friday by spending our time wishing it was Friday and waiting for the weekend. Every week. It’s a vicious circle.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this isn’t the best way to live and spend your limited lifetime.

The “Thank God It’s Friday” Mindset is a Killer

It can be very hard to avoid the TGIF mindset. The majority of people live like this and just accept it. And they think that you should accept it as well.

I found myself being pushed in this way when I went back to a salaried 9 to 5 job once after having spent many years as a self employed consultant.

When I was self employed, I didn’t suffer from TGIF. Sometimes I used to work on my weekends. I didn’t mind this, because I was building my business. It was for me. It was worth it.

And I would have plenty of time off at other times instead. Time when others were working. And I had much more time off each year than the average employee received. I also earned much more as well.

But when I went back to taking a salaried job for a few years, I suddenly found myself plunged into that TGIF restricted thinking once again.

The shocking thing about it was how everyone conspired and acted to try and nudge me into accepting it – and accepting more of it.

For example, I had people trying to get me to quit my entrepreneurial thinking. To stop working on other projects in my spare time. To go and live in the small town where my employer’s premises were based. And to just be content with the meager annual vacation that the salaried employees get thrown every year.

To be “realistic”. To “settle down” and to stay with the same company for years and years. To no longer look for something better. To not hope for anything more. Other than TGIF and annual vacation. And eventual retirement.

To me, all this felt like the approaching kiss of death. I felt like I was being suffocated by the situation and by other people.

No thanks. I realized I hated it and I just had to quit before it got worse and it was then too late.

So that’s what I did. I switched back to being self employed once more.

Since then, there’s been no more “Thank God It’s Friday” for me. Instead, I think to myself “What, Friday already?!”

So if you’re tired of living for TGIF and weekends, why not see if you can also quit the TGIF mindset and do something different in your life as well?

Image: Friday – courtesy of Radoslav Minchev

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2 Responses to Why The Thank God It’s Friday Mindset is Flawed

  1. Mackoo July 8, 2013 at 12:36 pm #

    Kevin, I couldn’t agree more with what you said in this article and others. Your website has given me lots of insight and motivation to BREAK OUT. Thank you!

    • Kevin July 8, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

      Thanks Mackoo, glad it helps!

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