Why You Shouldn’t Reveal Your Internet Business To Others

Have you ever tried to explain your affiliate marketing business to other people?

If so, you’ve probably been met with a look of incomprehension.

I certainly have. 

Why You Shouldn’t Reveal Your Internet Business To Others

I was at an affiliate marketing meet-up recently.

It’s good to meet with people face to face who are also affiliate marketers and who understand and appreciate what you are doing.

You can exchange ideas, viewpoints, strategies and techniques with each other, plus you also get to enjoy some positive feedback.

One thing that got a laugh at this affiliate marketing meet-up was when we talked about how the general public don’t understand what we do and the lack of comprehension you get from people.

One guy at the meeting who runs an affiliate merchant network said even his wife doesn’t understand what he does. So he doesn’t attempt to explain any of it to her any more. She thinks he’s “playing” on his laptop.

I also made the error just the other day of getting drawn into explaining what I do to one Joe Public. I know I’ve said myself before that you shouldn’t do this, but it’s something that’s easy to do if you aren’t careful.

The result wasn’t positive. I soon found myself being criticized and knocked down, even though the criticism wasn’t blatant. And by the end of the encounter the person concerned still didn’t understand the business or the sector.

This experience, plus hearing about the experiences of others at that meet-up, made me realize how it’s best to keep off the details in those kind of situations, even if you’re being pressed and probed.

Just keep any explanation as general as possible. If they say: “is it something like Ebay?”, then answer yes and leave it at that.

Don’t attempt to educate or inform. People who really are interested in Internet marketing or affiliate marketing for themselves will search the subject in Google anyway.

When I was an IT technical consultant I didn’t go around explaining in detail to friends and acquaintances the programming I do on servers and networks. Even if I were to explain it they wouldn’t get it. All people knew was I did “something in IT”. So why do it with Internet marketing?

If you try going into details, you get question mark faces and negative kickbacks. So where’s the positive benefit there for you?

Answer: there isn’t any. You will generate negativity back to yourself. Which does no one any good – and it’s damaging to you if your own business happens to be Internet marketing based.

A dentist, lawyer or other professional does not go into the details of his or her work. People don’t need to know, Also, it’s their own knowledge domain, not the public’s.

The fact is, most people don’t understand Internet marketing. There’s an enormous amount of ignorance and prejudice about the subject. A lot of people confuse Internet marketing with spam or selling Viagra or whatever.

You can end up finding yourself on the receiving end of negativity and criticism if you try to explain to the public. Those in the business will know what it’s about. And those that aren’t, don’t need to know.

So if you’re an Internet marketer, don’t feel under obligation to divulge the ins and outs of the workings of your business to members of the public.

Keep your business skill know-how to yourself. It makes life much easier for everyone all round and that way everyone’s happy.


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