CoinGecko Cryptocurrency Market Review for Second Quarter 2018

You’ve probably noticed it’s been some months since I’ve posted anything on the cryptocurrency theme.

I was producing monthly market reviews last year but so much has been happening for me personally and in business this year that I haven’t been able to keep this up.

I want to get back into posting on a more regular basis about the crypto market, but I want to do this with a view to future market developments rather than the looking-back review-round-up type approach I was taking before.

We do of course look back at chart behavior to try and figure out where markets are going to go next. However I think investors and traders in the cryptocurrency space are far more interested in what is going to happen in the future rather than looking back at the recent past. I know I certainly am.

As I haven’t had time to put together any market reports of late, I’d like to instead draw your attention to a good market overview report out on the cryptocurrency sector which looks at developments in the second quarter of this year 2018. It’s from the guys at CoinGecko and it is well worth reading.

The CoinGecko Q2 2018 Cryptocurrency Report covers the market for the  top crypto coins, as well as a look at ICOs, Dapps (distributed applications) and also the crypto exchanges.  It’s heavy on graphics and stats rather than text commentary or in-depth analysis, but it does contain a fair amount of visually presented data which makes it easy to digest.

The report is available for online reading and download direct from the CoinGecko site (no, I don’t get any affiliate commission for mentioning them). You can obtain the report from

Also while you’re there, check out CoinGecko’s free cryptocoin market price dashboard service. In my opinion it’s well worth a look.

Wishing you profitable crypto trading!

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