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Quality Web content is THE SECRET to online business success.

Competition online is tough.

And readers are becoming more and more demanding. Poorly written content just doesn’t work anymore. In fact, low quality content is positively damaging to your business.

Why Quality Content is THE Key To Your Online Business Success

A business – and especially an online business, lives or dies according to the quality of its Web content.

So you have to make sure your website offers top value, well-written content which makes the grade with your audience.

Your Website Content Has To Peform Several Important Tasks

The content on your website has to perform a number of very important tasks for your business.

Your Content Must Rank Your Site With the Search Engines

Your content has to be able to get your site ranked favourably by the search engines so you can generate the matching new visitor traffic that you need for your business.

Your Content Should Hold The Interest of Your Readers

Your website content also has to hold the attention of your readers. People make a decision within seconds as to whether it’s worth sticking around on your website.

So your content must provide valuable and useful information to win the confidence of your target audience.

Your Content Should Encourage Your Visitors To Return Again And Again

You want repeat business. And it can sometimes take several visits before a reader or prospect turns into a customer. So your content has to give your visitors a reason to return to your site again and again in the future.

It’s not enough just to have several static pages on your site. No website nowadays can afford to be static. To maintain and improve your search engine ranking you need to frequently publish fresh new content on your site.

Your Content Should Help Pre-Sell Your Products and Services

Another thing your content must do is to support the customer buying process. In other words, it has to assist in pre-selling your products or services to your interested audience.

The actual task of selling to your customers is performed by another type of content: sales copy.

Sales copy is specially written and constructed content, which must be tightly structured to take your customers through the final stages of the sales process and get them to buy from you.

So How Do You Create The Content You Need?

Basically it’s head down and get writing.

But writing quality Web content is a time-intensive process.

It involves research – and requires good writing skill. And if you need a regular stream of content then the overhead involved may be considerable.

Especially if you’re already busy with your business, you might not be able to spare the time.

A solution is to contract out your content creation. But this is where you have to be careful.

Beware of Low-Price, Low-Quality Content Mills

There are plenty of low standard content writers. You can pick up a “content writer” on one of the numerous online “content mill” freelancer sites for a few dollars.

But the content you will get reflects the price you pay. Low price = low quality content.

To compete effectively and maintain the reputation of your business, you need to publish high value content on your website. Anything else isn’t worth the money and only damages your business reputation.

This is where I can help.

I Write TOP QUALITY Premium Web Content

I write quality content for businesses who understand the importance of publishing high standard material on their website. Well researched, well structured – and well written.

I give priority to businesses with longer term content requirements and who have reputable products and services.

I’m also a website owner and online marketer so I understand the vital role played by content for businesses on the Web.

My areas of specialization include personal development, life and business coaching, entrepreneurship, solopreneurship, Internet marketing, ecommerce, expat life, travel, IT, data security and Web services for the business and consumer sectors.

I’ve produced work for a number of clients world-wide, including:

I produce ghost-written articles for clients as well as material published by clients under my own name.

How Much Do You Charge For Content?

My rates are between  25c and 40c USD per word.

Actual rates depend on the nature of the project, for example:  complexity, amount of research involved, the volume of content required, and of course the required deadlines.

I deliver completed material in the format required by the client.

This can be ASCII text, MS-Word-Document or equivalent, or PDF. Or a combination of these.

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