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movingtoberlinMoving To Berlin Series – Finding Visitor Accommodation in Berlin

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This is Part Six in my series about living and working in Berlin.

In this post in my series on Moving To Berlin I discuss fixing up initial visitor accommodation for your first few days when you arrive in Berlin.

Finding Visitor Accommodation in Berlin

Should you find your initial accommodation in Berlin before you arrive?

My answer is yes.

When you arrive in a big new city it makes things a lot easier if you already have some arrival accommodation already fixed up in advance.

It takes a little time to orient yourself and get your bearings in Berlin and having somewhere to stay for your first few nights already sorted out will be one less thing you have to concern yourself with when you arrive.

This will make your arrival in Berlin go much more smoothly. You can reserve the first few nights or maybe a week or so, in a pension, youth hostel, or a privately rented residential room through Roomorama, AirBnB, or similar.

This is the way I always do my moves abroad and it’s also the way I moved to Berlin. I then fixed up a short term room rental for a few months. From there I went on to rent a permanent apartment of my own.

It’s a good idea to take it in stages: initial few nights -> first few months -> long term.

How Easy is it to Find Visitor Accommodation in Berlin?

Berlin has become a very popular city destination, especially in the summer months. Visitor type accommodation can get booked up quickly. For this reason I recommend  you reserve a place in advance.

Traditionally, most hotels and pensions in Berlin have been located in the western part of the city, particularly in Charlottenburg, Schöneberg and Wilmersdorf.

Over the last ten or so years there’s been a boom in the building of hotels and hostel accommodation in Berlin, particularly in the eastern districts.

The cheapest options of all are the official Jugendherbergen or Youth Hostels. Most of their accommodation is in 6-12 or more bunk bed dorms, but they do have a limited number of 1 or 2 person rooms.

You have to be a member of the International Youth Hostel Association to stay overnight, but you can purchase annual membership at reception if need be.

Want To Book A Private Room in Berlin?

If you want something a bit more comfortable and private than a bunk bed in a youth hostel dorm, but you don’t want to pay high hotel tariffs, then I recommend  checking out the private room booking services such as Roomorama or AirBnB.

These give you the standard and quality of a hotel room, but at a much more affordable price.

They also have more of a residential feel than staying in a hotel and are a good way to start to get to know Berlin.

My advice: book yourself some initial accommodation for the first week or so in advance.

You can check current availability of rooms in Berlin and reserve a place right away by using the Roomorama search engine:

Reserving a room in Berlin in advance will give you breathing space to get your bearings when you arrive and give you the time to find a short-term sublet or an apartment or a room for the few months.

In this way you’ll have much more time to get to know the city, sort yourself out, get to know people – and also get to hear of potential apartments of the type and in areas which will suit you best. Many apartment offers in Berlin are found by word of mouth and never even reach the open market.

Taking a shorter-term place first will take the stress and pressure off your accommodation search and you’ll be less likely to accept something for the longer term which isn’t what you really want.

Here’s wishing you Good luck with your move to Berlin!

And finally, one other thing…

Make Your Stay in Berlin Go More Smoothly By Learning To Speak German

Being able to speak German will give you a big advantage when viewing and renting apartments. Not to mention day to day living and socializing in Berlin.

It’ll be well worth it and being able to speak and understand German will make life in Berlin a lot easier.

You also need to know German for your interactions with the public authorities, such as for visa permits and the like. Government officials in Berlin are officially required to speak German in their dealings with the public. This they say (ironic as it sounds) is to avoid the potential for mistakes in understanding.

If you don’t speak German in Berlin, then you have to rely on having a German speaker coming with you whenever you have dealings with the authorities or landlords.

My advice: if you’re going be sticking around in Berlin for more than a few months, then get started right away with learning German.

One of the best ways to get a head start in German is to study with an MP3-based self-study course. It  was by far the best investment in learning German I ever made.

Learn German Quickly With GermanPod

As well as attending a language class, you can give yourself a head start in learning German by signing up for the self-study MP3 based course offered by GermanPod.

GermanPod is now one of the world’s most successful digitally based online language courses. It’s not hard to see why.

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GermanPod – The Best Language Course For Expats in Berlin

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This is because with GermanPod you learn German quickly in your own time, as and when you want – and at your own pace.

You can use GermanPod on your smartphone and tablet, as well on as your laptop or PC.  So you can be learning German wherever you are – and whenever you’re on the move.

With GermanPod you can make the most of those spare moments of time that you have which otherwise just get wasted.

Such as when travelling on the S-bahn or U-bahn,  whilst standing in a line or sitting in a waiting room.

And what’s more, GermanPod is VERY low cost.

Learning German With GermanPod is Easy, Fast – And Fun

GermanPod teaches you modern, up-to-date German. The kind of German that people speak in everyday life in Berlin.

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That makes learning German with GermanPod very easy, fast and fun.

I myself learned German using the self-study audio method and I found it the fastest and easiest way of learning to speak and understand German.

GermanPod is Very Affordable

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Image Attribution: Brandenburg Gate Berlin – courtesy of Davis Staedtler


Image Attribution: Brandenburg Gate Berlin – courtesy of Davis Staedtler


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