Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who are you and what’s your background?


A. My name’s Kevin Wells. I’m a freelance content writer and copywriter. I’m a native English speaker, university educated (University of Bath, BSc Economics and Politics upper second class).


I’m from the UK but I’ve been expat for many years now, mostly in Germany.


Next to content writing I’m a freelance IT consultant, having contracted over the years with a wide range of big-name corporate clients as well as smaller companies and startups.


I also now write content for businesses located all over the world. Check out my About page for more personal information.


Q. What’s your experience as a writer?


A. I’ve always enjoyed writing right from when I was small. But I didn’t start writing professionally until around 2012 when I started my own e-commerce business, running blog sites to sell affiliate products and services to targeted audiences.


I’d also already written material for some of my IT clients before then. This was IT technical documentation material for in-house usage.


This gave me my first proper experience in researching and writing web content as well as drafting sales pages for my websites.


I started writing for third-party clients in 2016.


I still also write for my own sites, currently this site as well as for my investment and lifestyle blog at


Q. Where are you based?


A. I’m in Europe. More precisely, Germany.


Q. I don’t live in Europe – can you still write for me?


A. Yes of course. I write for clients located all over the world.


I’ve written for clients in Germany, UK, Spain, US, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, among other places. All you need is an internet connection and an email address.


Q. What is copywriting?


A. Copywriting is written content that is designed to sell. It’s often been described as “salesmanship in print”. It aims to elicit a specific “call to action” – usually to generate either a sales lead, a direct sale (in the case of online sales copy), or else encourage the reader along the way towards buying the product or service.


Sales copy is therefore much more tightly targeted and written than “content”. Content is also part of the sales process, but it’s further back from the actual sale. Content has the job of informing, building a relationship, building authority and trust, and warming up the prospect to eventually become a customer.


Content can also be written to serve existing customers. Providing information, as well as supporting the buying and the after-sales process.


Content and sales copy go hand in hand in the marketing process. Businesses need both in order to sell successfully and achieve maximum sales potential.


Q. So does copywriting have anything to do with copyright?


A. No! (that’s a question you often get asked at parties). Copyright is a legal function, nothing to do with content marketing. You need to go and see a lawyer for that.


Q. Can you show me examples of your previous work to date?


A. Of course. Check out my Portfolio page.


Q. Do you specialize in writing for any particular business niches?


A. Since I come from a professional IT technical background (I was a freelance Linux and network systems administrator for many years), the IT sector is one of my specialities.


Another area I specialize in is the investment niche. I publish and write for a blog called which is focused on the do-it-yourself direct investing niche, including stock market investment, commodities, Bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrencies.


I’m also versatile and I can research and produce good material to client requirements across a wide range of industries, niches and subject areas, and both for the B2B sector as well as the B2C sectors.


Q. Can you also do editing and rewrites of existing content material?


A. Yes. I can edit practically anything, including corrections for grammar, style, spelling, readability, tone of voice etc.


Q. Do you write in UK or US English?


A. I can write in both UK as well as US English, according to your need and your market. I have clients for whom I write in US English, and clients for whom I write in UK English.


I even have some clients for the Australian and Singapore markets – but that is usually UK English!


Q. Do you charge by the hour or by the job?


A. I always charge by the job – ie according to the project.


I do this because I’m confident I can always complete the project efficiently. I know how to research, structure, and draft content material effectively.


Charging by the job is also better for the client as it means you know exactly what a project will cost.


Q. Are there any extras in your quoted price?


A. No. There are no hidden extras in my quoted price. My fee includes all required research, drafting, writing and editing. The price includes two free revision edits. I also guarantee that you will be satisfied with my work.


Q. Who owns the copyright for the writing you produce for me?


A. The copyright remains with myself up until the full amount of the invoice has been paid. Whereupon the copyright reverts to you.


This means you can then do what you want with it – even publish it with your own name if you wish. I have clients who do just that – in other words, ghost-writing.


Q. Do we need to meet up first in order to assign a project to you?


A. No. Everything can be done by email and Skype, and/or phone. If you wish we can arrange a video Skype (or just audio if you prefer). That’s normally satisfactory for my clients.


I also have many clients whom I have never even seen on Skype. We do everything via email and it works out fine.


Q. How long do you need to write my copy?


A. It depends on the nature of your project. How much research is required, and what kind of copy or content you require. But I can usually provide a quick turnaround.


When we discuss your project we will also talk about the time-frame you require and agree a schedule for delivery.


Q. Do you provide free writing samples?


A. No of course not. I’m an experienced professional content writer, not a beginner. My work has value. Do you provide valuable freebies for your customers?


Q. What if I need content written very urgently? Can you do that?


A. If you need content like “yesterday”, then it depends on my availability at that moment. I may be already in the middle of another urgent client project which I have to complete first and this will have to have priority. So we need to see first how much time I have available at that particular moment.


But if I can manage to fit it in, I’ll do it for you.


Q. Do you provide a guarantee?


A. Yes. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the content I produce for you. And that it will be delivered on time to schedule as discussed – at the price agreed and with no extras.


Q. What are your terms of payment?


A. When the project is completed, I will send you a PDF-format invoice by email. Payment must be made within 10 working days from the date of the invoice. If you require, I can also send you a printed paper invoice by post.


You can pay direct to my bank account by SWIFT or SEPA international bank transfer. Alternatively you can pay me via Paypal if this is more convenient for you.


For projects that extend over a period of more than one month, I invoice the completed stages of work at the end of each calendar month.


Q. OK, it sounds good. So how do I get a quote for my project so I can consider hiring you?


A. Drop me a line via the contact form below. Let me know a little upfront about the kind of content material you require – eg articles, sales pages, email sequences or newsletter, product specs etc. And what business you are in and what the subject is!


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