Looking for a Great Content Writer?

Are you looking for a content writer who produces great high quality Web content?

Who knows how to attract your reader’s interest?

And who also understands the importance of good SEO and content marketing techniques?

I can help.

My Approach To Content Writing

I believe top quality, high value content is the best thing you can publish on your website.

Too many people make the mistake of putting poorly written, low value posts and articles on their site.

Often written by writers working for cheap “content mill” sites. And many of them not even native speakers of English.

The result?

A low-value website which makes a poor impression on your visitors and which doesn’t stand a chance with the search engines in the long run.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Quality Content Serves Your Readers Best

The best content is always content which engages the interest of your target audience by providing value to them and which encourages them to return to your site again and again.

Low quality “SEO” or “filler” content written just to contain your keywords for the search engines is not a smart business strategy.

That kind of content devalues the reputation and authority of your website and does not do your business any good.

Such “SEO content” adds no value and people hate reading it. Don’t flood the Web with more of it.

Quality Content Maintains Your Google Ranking Better Than Any SEO

Google wants to deliver search results to its customers which contain relevant and useful content which has value.

Google does not want to send its visitors off to sites containing SEO filler material written solely to trick it into sending search traffic obtained through trying to outwit its search algorithms.

For this reason Google continually changes its search and ranking algorithms to discourage attempts to manipulate its search engine results.

Google’s policy is to downgrade, and ignore the kind of low value content that the SEO industry and the content mills are still churning out.

Quality content which provides value always endures and wins out in the search engine rankings above over keyworded, low-end material.

Quality Content Generates Customers

There’s another very good reason why quality content wins over SEO content.

Simply this:

it’s your human visitors and not search engine “bots” who will become your customers and buy from you.

So this is the audience your content should be written for.

Include your keyword phrases, both in your titles and sub-headings, as well as in the main text body, but make sure you always write your content with your readers in mind.

Stick to creating a solid base of quality well-written content for your site which serves your target audience well.

That way you will get the best value from your content.

Which brings me to another point.

Quality Content Builds Your Reputation and Authority

Quality content builds the authority and reputation of your business among your target audience.

Your website is a very important part of your business.

It’s your shop window, your showcase, your visiting card and your sales representative all in one.

Your website is an asset which you are building for the long-term. Low-value SEO content has no place in such an asset.

Publishing a steady stream of high quality written content increases the value of your asset.

Which is precisely what you want.

Quality Content Puts You Ahead of the Competition

A lot of businesses still make the mistake of trying to rely on pumping out shoddily written content for  the sole purpose of getting their keywords mentioned on their site.

The problem with this is it places you at a disadvantage with Google when it comes to their regular search engine algorithm changes.

It also does nothing to make your site stand out from the competition.

By publishing relevant well written content for your audience, YOUR website will stand out among your competitors who still think that “SEO” is the be-all and end-all of a website.

Quality Content Helps You Pre-Sell To Your Prospects

Publishing relevant, well-written content on your site is also great way to pre-sell to your audience.

Yet surprisingly, many websites fail to do this.

It’s a wasted opportunity.

Provided your content is PRE-selling, rather than trying to sell straight away, before your readers have had a chance to hear what you have to say, then your content can play an important role in gaining their confidence and building your reputation.

Your sales and marketing material will then have much greater success in persuading your readers to become customers.

How I Can Help You With Your Content Marketing

As well as writing content for clients, I’m also myself a publisher of Web media and an online marketer.

So I understand the importance of quality content – as well as making sure that content is properly optimized to generate maximum search engine traffic.

I only write quality content for human readers. I do not write primarily for search engine bots or solely to win SEO points. Content should be always written to provide value to readers.

I believe a good content writer has to specialize. Writing quality content takes time, requires knowledge of the subject area, and it also involves careful research.

I specialize in creating content for these subject areas:

  • Business and Marketing: business to business (B2B), marketing, financial, investment, entrepreneurship, start­ups, e­commerce, Internet Marketing
  • Travel, expat, location independent, and entrepreneur lifestyle niches
  • Computer/IT and Web, both for business and consumer markets
  • Money, investment, and cryptocurrency sectors, including Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

As well as website articles, I write content for email newsletters, social media posts, ebooks, reports, guides, email circulars and other material.

I prefer to work with clients who have long-term on-­going content creation requirements rather than just writing one-off articles.

I’m a native English speaker, university educated, and I produce content in both UK and US English as required.

See My Content Writing Portfolio

You can find examples of my content writing portfolio on my blog at www.breakingoutbusiness.com

What Do You Charge For Your Content?

I’m a high quality article writing provider. My content is well-written and has value and so it has its price.

Price depends on the nature of the project and how much work and research is involved.

I may not appear at first sight to be the cheapest. But I’m probably the best value.

And since your website content is a long-term investment for your business, I am most probably also the cheapest in the long run.

Who Do You Write Content For?

I help reputable marketers, bloggers, and small, medium, and also larger businesses who believe in producing content which offers people real value.

I also prefer longer term business relationships rather than one-offs.

The important thing is that you also believe in serving your audience through creating high value, high quality content.

So if you’re looking for a content writer to create top value content for your website or for your online marketing, then I may be just the person you are looking for.

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