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Overcoming Obstacles in Business

Overcoming obstacles is practically the definition of being an entrepreneuer. One thing you can be certain of is that you’ll encounter obstacles. It’s not just during the initial startup period.  Obstacles and problems will appear throughout your entrepreneurial career. And just when you think you’ve solved all the problems and got over all the hurdles, […]

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Taking Action in Business

In business and life in general we can talk about things, dream, and plan as much as we like. But without taking action we won’t get to see any results. Yet procrastination is the great enemy of business people everywhere. And procrastination is especially a problem for new startup entrepreneurs. Why Do We Procrastinate? There […]

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Goal Setting

Goal setting is essential in business. Your goals should be derived from your mission or purpose and your personal vision of what you want to achieve. Be Clear About Your Goals The most important thing here is clarity.  Before you can set your goals you first have to be clear about your purpose and your […]

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