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My Success Tips For Entrepreneurs

Here’s a quick list of my success tips for entrepreneurs. These are all my own tips. I’ve listed them here as you might also find them useful for yourself. My Success Tips For Entrepreneurs Have a reason for being an entrepreneur which is not money. Know your “Why” for being an entrepreneur. Know both your […]

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Escape From Corporate America

Want To Escape From Corporate America? The BreakingOut Guide To How To Quit Corporate Slavery is my new book for all those who want to escape corporate America and create a better future for themselves. Large numbers of employees are disillusioned with their so-called “professional” corporate jobs and want to found a better alternative for […]

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How To Escape Corporate Slavery

  Want To Know How To Escape Corporate Slavery? Had Enough of the Corporate Nine to Five? Can’t take any more commuting, meetings, KPIs, office tedium, or control-freak bosses? Quit Corporate Slavery And Start Living The Lifestyle You Really Want! More and more people are escaping corporate slavery to start their own online business and […]

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What is a Solopreneur?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for several years now. I’ve experienced most of the different modes of business, starting from employee, contractor, freelancer,  limited company, online startup. Right now you could say I’m a solopreneur. What is a Solopreneur? The question I want to ask today is: What’s the difference between a solopreneur and the other […]

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Overcoming Obstacles in Business

Overcoming obstacles is practically the definition of being an entrepreneuer. One thing you can be certain of is that you’ll encounter obstacles. It’s not just during the initial startup period.  Obstacles and problems will appear throughout your entrepreneurial career. And just when you think you’ve solved all the problems and got over all the hurdles, […]

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How To Find Business Ideas

For entrepreneurs, ideas are vital. You need to have ideas. Good ideas. So how do you come up with good business ideas? In this post I’m going to talk about how I come up with business ideas and how I see the process of finding ideas. Business is basically about finding a need and then […]

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