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AWS – Setting Up A Billing Budget

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In order to grant permissions to your admin user to use billing, you must first login as your AWS Root Account 


In AWS Management Console -> My Account: 


Then click on IAM User and Role Access to Billing Information


edit -> activate IAM Access and click update


then you can go to your admin user account in the AWS Management Console (logout of root) and you should now have access permission to Billing and Cost Management Dashboard.



You can call up your bills, and see exactly what charges are being incurred for which service and for which time period.


You can also display the Free Tier Services 


Next, set up a cost budget. Choose a recurring fixed budget and set a value eg 10 USD for the course.

Set at least one threshold alert to send an email when this is reached, eg at 80%


and also a forecast alert, eg 60% if it looks like this will be reached, you will be sent an email.


















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