Hi! I’m a Linux IT Consultant with many years of experience in the field of server systems administration 


I’ve worked in systems environments both large and small, looking after file servers, application servers, database servers, web servers, email servers… and loads more besides.


I’ve installed and configured SuSe, RedHat, Debian/Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, and even the occasional Slackware and OpenBSD systems. I’ve also worked with numerous Unix systems including IBM AIX, Sun/Solaris and HP-UX to mention a few.


My client base has included everything from big-name multinational corporates in the consumer, auto, and financial sectors, small e-commerce and digital startups through to education and research institutes.


Along with system administration, I also produce technical content writing for clients across the globe.


I’ve written everything from sales pages, landing pages, quality articles, blog posts, newsletters, to reports and e-books.


So if you’re looking for a highly experienced, well-qualified, and practically oriented systems administrator/dev-ops engineer – or a professional IT content writer who really knows his subject – then I can also help.


Get in touch via the contact form below and let’s get to know each other.

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