Core Skills

I have many years practical experience working for a wide range of businesses and organizations, both as employee and freelance consultant, in education and research, government departments, consumer goods manufacturers, banking, Internet & E-commerce, pharmaceuticals & automotive sectors.

Together with my Linux system management activity,  I also produce technical content writing for clients across the globe, both in the IT field, as well as for clients in the investment, education & training, e-commerce & business startup, and others sectors.

For more information about my content writing see my content writing portfolio

My core IT competencies include: 

Linux (SuSe/SLES, RedHat/RHEL/Centos/Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, Oracle Linux)

Unix (Sun, AIX, HP-UX)

Cloud (AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner & AWS Solutions Architect Associate Diploma qualified)

Virtualization (Oracle Virtualbox, KVM, VMWare)

Monitoring (SMART-Montools, APCUPSD, Checkmk, Monit, Zabbix)

Storage (NetApp, Qnap, NFS, iSCSI, TSM/Tivoli, RAID, LVM, DRBD)

Clusters (Pacemaker/Corosync, HALVM/CLVM, GlusterFS, Ceph, OCFS2/GFS2)

Load Balancers (LVS, HAProxy, keepalived)

Webservers (Apache, Nginx, Squid)

Emailservers (Postfix, qmail)

Networking (DM-Multipathing & Ethernet bonding, VLAN Tagging)

Routing (BGP, RSTP & VRRP) 


Holder of LPIC1 & LPIC2 Linux Professional Institute Diplomas

Holder of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect Associate Diploma

I’m currently studying to sit the AWS SysOps Associate Diploma examinations.

Fluent speaker of German and Dutch (Institute of Linguists Diploma in German & Certificate in Dutch from Flemish Community Belgium)

Graduate B.Sc Upper Second Class, 2.1 with Honours, in Economics & Politics