Core Skills

I have many years practical experience working for a wide range of businesses and organizations, both as employee and freelance consultant, in education and research, government departments, consumer goods manufacturers, banking, Internet & E-commerce, pharmaceuticals & automotive sectors.

Together with my Linux system management activity,  I also produce technical content writing for clients across the globe, both in the IT field, as well as for clients in the investment, education & training, e-commerce & business startup, and others sectors.

For more information about my content writing see my content writing portfolio

My core IT competencies include: 

Linux (SuSe/SLES, RedHat/RHEL/Centos/Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, Oracle Linux)

Unix (Sun, AIX, HP-UX)

Virtualization (Oracle Virtualbox, KVM, VMWare)

Monitoring (SMART-Montools,APCUPSD, Checkmk, Monit, Zabbix)

Storage (NetApp, Qnap, NFS, iSCSI, TSM/Tivoli, RAID, LVM, DRBD)

Clusters (Pacemaker/Corosync, HALVM/CLVM, GlusterFS, Ceph, OCFS2/GFS2)

Load Balancers (LVS, HAProxy, keepalived)

Webservers (Apache, Nginx, Squid)

Emailservers (Postfix, qmail)

Networking (DM-Multipathing & Ethernet bonding, VLAN Tagging)

Routing (BGP, RSTP & VRRP) 


Holder of LPIC1 & LPIC2 Linux Professional Institute Diplomas

I’m currently studying AWS Cloud Solutions Architect/SysOps and preparing for sitting the AWS SysOps Associate Diploma examinations.  

Fluent speaker of German and Dutch (Institute of Linguists Diploma in German & Certificate in Dutch from Flemish Community Belgium)

Graduate B.Sc Upper Second Class, 2.1 with Honours, Economics & Politics, Bath University, England