My Content Writing Portfolio

Together with my Linux system management work,  I also produce technical content writing for clients across the globe.  

My main area of specialization is the IT services sector. Products and services such as VPNs, routers, video-conferencing software, computer security, groupware and project collaboration software, and SaaS products to mention a cross-section. I’ve written marketing content for both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sectors.

My clients have included Teamviewer (Germany), (US), VoltDB (US), (Spain) and StubHub (global) and I’ve promoted products and services across a wide range of sectors.

I’ve written technical documentation material for many IT companies, among them Digital/Compaq, 1 & 1 Internet, JD Edwards and others.

Along with the IT industry, I’ve produced marketing content for several other sectors, including investment, business education and training courses, as well as affiliate marketing products in the e-commerce sector.

I’ve also produced sales promotion copy for the entertainment event promotion industry, including numerous rock and pop artists and concerts, music festivals, drama and shows, and sports events.

Below are some examples from my content writing portfolio.


Articles on Computer Tech, Business Software, Workplace Productivity & Customer Service

for Teamviewer (Germany)

In-depth researched, ghost-written, practical-focused articles of 2000-3000 words. These were written for the Teamviewer blog, which has an audience of software users, business professionals, and customers.

Here are some examples (these were commissioned by the client to be published using the client’s own brand name, hence they are not published under my name)

Working With Large Files


Technical Content Writing on Data Encryption, VPNs, Computer Security and Data Integrity

for (USA)

In-depth researched technical articles of 1500-2000 words. Some examples: (published by SecureThoughts under my own name):

The Security Implications of the Mirai Botnet

How To Protect Your Social Media Data From Government Interception

How Encryption Can Help Protect Your Data From Theft And Interception

Digital Personal Assistants and the Risks of Device Eavesdropping


Content Writing on Blockchain Technology

for VoltDB (US)

A Look At Factors Driving Cryptocurrency Adoption In The World Today


Entertainment Event Promotion Sales Copy

for StubHub (global)

I’ve written sales copy material to promote music concerts, festivals, theatre performances and sports events for the international entertainment event promoter StubHub

This has included sales copy to promote: 

Rock & Pop Artists such as Interpol, Iron Maiden, Bananarama, Pearl Jam, Slash, as well as solo artists such as Drake, Maggie Rogers, Dermot Kennedy and Troye Sivan.

Stand up Comedy artists such as Danny Bhoy and The Edwards Twins.

Stage Shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, Disney on Ice, Phantom of the Opera and Star Wars in Concert.

Drama Productions including Romeo and Juliet, La Boheme opera, The Inheritance and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

Music Festivals, among them Lollapalooza, Barclaycard British Summer Time Festival, Field Day Sydney Festival, and other events such as Immersive Cinema and Masters of Dirt motorbike show.

Sports Events, including soccer, American football, Major League Baseball, boxers such as Chris Eubank Jr, George Groves, Joseph Parker and Alex Povetkin.


Here are some blog articles I’ve written:

Website Installation and Operation

How To Backup Your Website

How To Build A Website Using Weebly

Business Startups

How To Register A Limited Company In London

How To Launch Your Startup in Berlin

Should I Create a Lifestyle Business or a Startup?

Why Not Work At A Standing Table In Your Office?



How To Get Started Investing in the Stock Market


I also authored the book (available for sale on this website and on Amazon):

How To Move To Berlin