Alternatives To Corporate Slavery


Does the idea of a job in a big corporation leave you cold?

You don’t have to settle for a life of 9-5.

Quit corporate slavery and make more of your life and future!


Quit Corporate Slavery and Make More of Your Life!

Does the corporate career and work scenario leave you cold and dissatisfied?

You’re not alone. I feel exactly the same way.

So do many other people.

More and more people are realizing that the corporate nine to five is not the way they want to spend their working lives.

And it’s up to us to take action do something about it.

The good news is, there IS hope.

There’s no need to have to accept a life of meaningless nine to five drudgery in a large corporate office.

You already have plenty of abilities and skills which can flourish in the right environment.

You can demand and create something much better for yourself.

Don’t settle for a prison of corporate mediocrity which prevents you from taking control, being creative, being authentic or providing real value to the world.

There are viable and worthwhile alternatives available to us if we are willing to make the effort to change.

Let’s take a look at some of the options out there.

Looking for a More Meaningful Career?

If you’re looking for more meaningful work, then I recommend you take a look at Escape The City.

This is an initiative started by two young ex-corporate guys from London who, like me, also saw through the whole corporate career charade and wanted something better.

So they started an online jobs database for alternative jobs and careers for people who also expect more than the corporate mainstream offers.

Escape The City accepts and lists only jobs and opportunities which meet at least one of their five essential criteria:

  • How entrepreneurial is the job?
  • Does the company have a positive social impact?
  • How exotic is the location?
  • Does it allow for adventure?
  • How exciting is the brand?

red_arrow_rightWant to find more meaningful employment?

Click Here For More Info About Escape The City

Want To Go Freelance or Become Self-Employed?

More and more people are opting to become freelance or set themselves up as self-employed.

Some of this is the result of companies trying to shed staff and convert them into freelancers in order to avoid paying ever increasing social insurance taxes.

But there are plenty of genuine freelancing and self-employment opportunities out there and the number is increasing all the time. The Internet also makes it easier for freelancers to market their services and find clients.

I myself have worked as a freelancer for many years and found it much more preferable to being an employee.

You may have to accept heavy fluctuations in income, but you can earn much more money overall from freelancing. You will also enjoy much more control over your work.

red_arrow_rightInterested in Freelancing or becoming self-employed?

Click Here For Advice And Tips On Freelancing and Self-Employment

Become a Digital Entrepreneur

The development of the Web and e-commerce also makes it easier to start your own online business selling a service or product via the Internet.

Online retail sales in the US are predicted to reach a staggering $370 billion by 2017. And in Western Europe and UK the e-commerce sector is expected to grow in excess of $191 billion by 2017.

Mobile and tablets are increasingly also being used to access the Web and make purchases. All this means great opportunities for you as an entrepreneur to get into business on the Web.

What’s more, you can tap into these Internet business opportunities with very little starting capital – and with low running costs too.

E-commerce is an area where I also have experience. It’s an easy area to get started in, though it can take some time to build up traffic and generate sales.

There’s also a great deal of practical know-how that you have to learn.

To help you with this I’ve put together an easy 5-Step Action Plan to help get you started on building your Internet business.

red_arrow_rightInterested in starting an online business?

Click Here For How To Get Started With An Online Business

There are two other possibilities that I also want to mention.

These aren’t specifically career alternatives as such in themselves.

But they are life-style changes which can form part of an overall strategy of quitting corporate slavery and making positive changes to your life.


Emigrating is something I have a lot of experience with.

I’ve been an expat for many years and I’ve lived in a number of different countries, both in Europe, Asia, as well for a shorter period in the USA.

Emigrating in itself is a highly entrepreneurial and exciting activity, but it doesn’t necessarily involve quitting corporate slavery. Some people even emigrate as part of their corporate jobs, being “seconded” or “posted” by the employers abroad.

But you can make your own choices in emigrating if that’s what you really want to do, just as I did. You do not have to rely on some large corporate employer to arrange it all for you and to “post” you somewhere abroad as if you were a parcel.

For me, I love being an independent expat. It’s opened my eyes to the world and led me to opportunities that I might not have realized or come across if I had just stayed at home.

red_arrow_rightInterested in emigrating?

Click Here For Advice and Tips On Emigration and Expat Lifestyle

Location Independence

Location independence is something which the Internet has made much more viable than before. It’s now possible for an increasing number of us to choose where to live and work.

Depending on the nature of your work and how you sell your services, you may not have to be bound to a life of commuting to the office of your employer.

If you are freelance or self-employed or if you run your own business on the Web, then it can be possible for you to freely choose where to live. Provided there’s a good Internet connection.

There are even some people who live successfully as “digital nomads”, continually travelling around whilst they run their online businesses. I’ve also lived as a digital nomad for a while.

See my section on Location Independence for ideas and tips about living and working location independently.

Interested in location independence and the digital nomad lifestyle?red_arrow_right

Click Here For Info And Tips About Location Independence

And finally, one last word of advice…

Take Action!

Whatever you decide to do, there’s one thing that you definitely should do.

And it’s the most important thing of all if you really want to quit corporate slavery and make more of your life and future.

Just get started.

Start taking action now.

The time is never completely right to make changes in our lives.

But one thing’s always for sure: we can go on for ever dreaming and thinking it over and not doing anything about it.

Once you start to take action on creating the new life that you really want for yourself, and rejecting what you don’t want, things will be moving and on their way.

And with that you can say goodbye to corporate slavery.

Good luck with your new and better life and future!

Image Attribution: Office building in Chełmek – Courtesy of blaciej



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