Top Ten Tips For Living a Fulfilling Life

Here are my top ten tips for living a fulfilling life.


Top Ten Tips For Living a Fulfilling Life

1. Be authentic and true to yourself in all that you do

Know what you want – and what you don’t want. Only do what you really love and are passionate about.

2. Know your purpose and mission in life

Have a vision of what you want to change in your life, for others, and for the world.

3. Contribute to the world

Contribute to the world – and the world will contribute to you.

4. Value your time

Don’t get stuck standing still. Life is too short to do the same things, the same job or live in the same place for all of your life.

Standing still numbs your awareness of the passing of time.

5. Get out of your cabbage patch

The world is bigger than your native country and native town.

Always learn more about the world, learn and try new things. Too many people just remain in their own cabbage patch their whole life.

6. Take calculated risks

Nothing new ever happens without taking risks. Too many people are too risk-shy.

Without risk there can be no gain.

7. Treat problems and “crises” as challenges and opportunities

Problems and crises are the times when things can change. You can benefit from them by also changing with them.

8. The only constant is change

The universe knows no  permanence, only change. Don’t fight against it, go with it and utilize it.

9. Take a long term view

Your own life is very short. Aim to create for beyond your own life, whether it’s by means of a business, a charity or non profit project of some kind, creativity, art, writing, whatever.

You can contribute to the common good way beyond just thinking of your own livelihood.

and finally…

10. Thoughts lead to actions

Don’t forget that thoughts are the precursor to actions. What we think we become.

So always think positively. Concentrate on the positive, and not the negative.


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