Quitting The Nine to Five Lifestyle

I was talking in a previous post about how I often come across people who complain about the negative responses they get when they tell other people about their intention to quit the nine to five and go and do something different. 

This something different could be moving into an unconventional career, going long term travelling, going freelance, or starting a business.

Quitting The Nine to Five Lifestyle

They often find themselves confronted with a heap of negativity, doubt and criticism from others who are still treading the nine to five.

These are the people I describe as leading what I call “mill worker” lives.  The people who spend every day in the same way, travelling every morning from their house to the mill and then back again in the evening, with no real goals in life for themselves.

The Ant That Tries To Leave The Nest Gets Annihilated

There’s an interesting point about the group behaviour reaction of many people towards those who express their intention to break out and start doing their own thing.

Whether this “thing” is moving over to an unconventional career, going long term travelling, going freelance, or starting a business.

It’s almost a given fact that the people you will be leaving behind will conspire to prevent you leaving the nest.

Whether actively, passively or implicitly. I’ve experienced this myself on a number of occasions in the past.

There are parallels here with the behaviour of ants in an ants nest.

If one worker ant tries to escape the nest instead of continuing to co-operate and keep working along with the other worker ants, then the other ants will attack and kill it.

Even ants aren’t supposed to break out and quit the nine to five and go off on their own!

The reasons people (and ants) behave like this are partly fear that you will upset the existing pecking order within the group. And partly the fear that you will expose them and their lives and their positions within the group by showing that you can do things differently and better.

In doing so they fear you will disrupt the existing order and status quo of the nest. And in doing so put the security of the nest at risk.

They fear that you will show them up. That you will show them that it can be done, that it’s possible to live a successful life without being a mill worker. And that will make them look foolish and as having made the wrong choice in life in becoming a mill worker.

An Entrepreneur Has To Cut Loose From The Mill Workers

You have to “cut loose” from the mill workers if you are going to be an entrepreneur.

You have to accept the difference between us and them – the entrepreneurs and the mill workers. And recognize that this difference will never disappear. So it’s pointless to argue the point with them.

Just make sure the mill workers don’t hinder you from keeping a positive attitude and leaving the nest to do your own thing.



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