How To Install A WordPress Theme On Your Website


You don’t have to spend thousands with an expensive design consultancy to set up your website.

WordPress makes it easy to install a theme for your website.

There are literally thousands of different WordPress theme designs available at very low cost.

Install a Premium WordPress Theme For Your Site

WordPress allows you to install a graphic design of your choice for your site.

These designs are known as “themes” and there are literally thousands of different themes available, both free and paid-for.

If you’re a business, then you should choose a “Premium” quality WordPress theme for your site.

There are a number of basic free themes available for WordPress. These are fine for a hobby blog, but they invariably look second-rate on a website for a business.

The price of a theme is really just a drop in the ocean. Remember that your website is in effect your shop front and shop window. Don’t forget you will also be competing with other sites, so it’s essential for your website to make a good impression.

Paid-for or “premium” WordPress themes are not only much smarter looking than the freebie themes, but they also give you many more design features. The best ones also include great desktop admin functionality within WordPress which makes it easier to manage the site.

You don’t have to spend a lot amount of money on a premium theme. The prices of premium themes vary, but you can get some really excellent themes from around $50 to $100.

Purchasing a smart, high quality premium WordPress theme right from the start will be one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Check Out Elegant Themes

There are a large number of WordPress theme providers, but one of the best Theme providers that I have no hesitation in recommending is Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes offer a wide range of really awesome professional designs, which currently over 80 different designs to choose from.

Elegant Themes – Great Professional Website Designs from $69

Elegant Themes are one of the best providers of premium WordPress themes in the business. They’re a great choice for small businesses and startups who need a top quality professional website but don’t want to have to spend a great deal of money on design.

Elegant Themes uses an annual subscription system which has the big advantage of giving you full access to ALL of the themes in their portfolio at all times.

You get FULL full access to all their themes from just $69 per year. Or if you prefer, there’s also a one-time payment option which means there’s no annual subscription to pay.

Elegant Themes also have an excellent support facility, including an online users forum. This is invaluable if you need help quickly with any specific customization of your theme.

After you’ve chosen and downloaded your theme, you need to upload it to your website via your WordPress Dashboard. You can then activate it in the Dashboard for your site.

Get to know the particular features of your theme, how it works, and the options it gives you for configuring the layout.

With Elegant Themes this is easily done via the WordPress Dashboard.

Elegant Themes now have over 260,000 satisfied customers throughout the world. They’re a great choice for small businesses and new startups. Check out Elegant Themes at

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