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AWS Aurora

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AWS Aurora is a high-performance highly available database engine for AWS.


Proprietary AWS tech, not open source


supports Postgres and MySQL db


is AWS cloud optimized and claims 5x performance improvement over MySQL on RDS


and 3x improvement on Postgres on RDS


Storage grows automatically in blocks of 10GB to 128TB


can have up to 15 replicas vs 5 mysql replicas


replication also much faster and failover is almost instantaneous,
failover very fast within 30 secs, and it is HA high availability native


self-healing with peer-to-peer replication


and supports cross-region replication


stores 6 copies of your data across 3 AZs


4 copies of 6 needed for writes
3 out of 6 needed for reads


provides a writer endpoint that points to the master db.

you can have asg auto-scaling on top (but max 15 replicas)



patching, updating etc is done by AWS


also provides BackTrack service – you can restore a point in time without any extra backup routine


important for the exam!


READER ENDPOINT connects automatically to ALL the read replicas, so this provides for connection level load balancing for the read replicas


storage is highly striped across 100s of volumes


security similar to RDS


encryption at rest using KMS



automated backups, snapshots and replicas are also encrypted


encryption in flight uses SSL


you can authenticate using IAM, same as with RDS


but you are responsible for protecting your instance with security groups



also important – for exam!


you cannot SSH into Aurora





Aurora Read Replica Auto Scaling


You create a writer endpoint for DB writes, while reads go to a single separate reader endpoint, which connects to multiple aurora DBs.


As auto scaling takes place and more read DBs are added, these are connected to the reader endpoint


However, you can also create a separate custom endpoint for specific other traffic purposes, eg a read analytics software which needs to connect and which generates intensive traffic load


or you might want to have a set of read replicas which have different instance type to the others, again, you can use custom endpoints for this, this creates an additional endpoint.


Aurora Serverless


automated db instance and auto-scaling


no need for capacity planning


use case:


infrequent, unpredictable workloads


billing is pay per second, can be more cost-effective


client talks to a proxy-fleet and in the backend Aurora creates the necessary instances.



Important for EXAM!

Aurora Multi-Master


every node is Read-Write


useful for immediate failover for the WRITE node – offers high availability for the writer node.


Global Aurora


you can have


Cross Region Read Replicas


useful for Disaster Recovery (DR)


easy to set up


Global Database (recommended)


you have one primary region for read-write


and up to 5 secondary read only regions with v low replication lag
plus up to 16 read replicas per secondary region


provides for very low latency


when you promote another region for DR the RTO recovery time overhead is less than 1 minute.


Aurora Machine Learning


you can add ML predictions to apps via sql



– sagemaker
– comprehend – for sentiment analysis


can be used for fraud detection, ad targeting, sentiment analysis, product recommendations


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