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Can’t ping or access devices on a Zerotier VPN

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 After rebooting, you may find you cannot ping or access another of your Zerotier hosts on your VPN eg by SSH. 



The solution to this is as follows:


On both machines that cant access or ping each other, run the following to find their Zerotier ID


sudo zerotier-cli info




200 info **999xxxxx99** 1.6.2 ONLINE


Then, on each machine stop the zerotier service:


sudo systemctl stop zerotier-one


Next, delete the peer data for each machine on both machines:


eg in this case:


sudo rm /var/lib/zerotier-one/peers.d/999xxxxx99.peer


Then, having done that – on both machines that have the problem, restart the zerotier service:


sudo systemctl start zerotier-one


both machines should now be reachable in both directions via your Zerotier VPN.


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