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AWS Snow Family

AWS Snow Family


for data migration in and out of AWS:




Snowball Edge




for Edge computing data migration:



Snowball Edge


These are offline devices that perform data migration for migration that would take more than a week by network transfer.


Snowcone and Snowball Edge are sent by post using a physical route rather than digitally.


Snowball Edge, used for TB or PB data transfer


pay per data transfer job



2 versions


Snowball Edge Storage Optimized:


80TB max of HDD capacity for block volume and S3 compatible object storage


Snowball Edge Compute Optimized:


42TB of HDD capacity for block volume and S3 compatible object storage



use case for Edge:


large data cloud migration, Disaster recovery prep, disaster recovery action


For Snowcone:


a much smaller device, can withstand harsh environments, very light and secure


used for smaller size transfers, up to 8TB storage


10 times less than snowball edge.


you must provide own battery and cables


can be sent to AWS in post or via internet – and use AWS DataSync to send data.



Snowmobile is a truck – very high-scale transfers.


request snowball devices on the AWS website


install a snowball client on servers


connect the snowball to your servers, then copy the file,


then ship the device back


many EBs of data 1EB = 1PB


very high security, staffed,


best for more than 10PB data transfer


Edge Computing:


somewhere creating data or needing data but has no internet access or limited access…


snowball edge or snowcone can be embedded into your edge site

so it gives you a way to transfer data despite having no strong internet connection


The Snowcone and Edge can run EC2 instances and Lambda functions!

good for preprocessing data, transcoding media screens, machine learning at the edge


Snowcone 2 CPUs 4GB RAM, wired/wi-fi, powered by usb-c or optional battery


Snowcone Edge:

many more vCPUs up to 52vCPUs and 208 GiB RAM
optional GPU
object storage clustering available


can get discount pricing 1 or 3 years



Also AWS OpsHub – management software for snow family


This enables you to manage the device from your client pc or laptop, you install on your client





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