Living in Bangkok


I spent a year and a half living and travelling in the Far East, working as a location independent “digital nomad”.

As well as Thailand, I also visited Laos, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. I also lived for two months in the Taiwanese capital Taipei.

It was a great experience. Among other things it gave me a much needed break from the West and Europe.





Also I especially gained some “Abstand” or distance from Germany, which is where I’ve lived for some years now and where I am now once again based.

So the other day I was looking through some pics I had taken during my trip there. Travelling is actually one of my great interests, but I”m not that much into taking photos. Nor really into travel blogging either.

Nor am I a great photographer. I guess if I was really into photography I could take gazillions of interesting pics. I tend to regard taking photos as a chore.

I prefer to just enjoy being in the moment without having to go around with a camera – smartphone or tablet excepted. But on a few occasions I force myself to take a camera out with me.

I’ve selected a handful of half reasonable ones which I thought I’d put up on my site in a series of blog posts. Starting with Bangkok.

These pics don’t include much in the way of conventional tourist sights. I can’t see the point of taking photos of that kind of stuff, it’s all been done a million times already. If you want that, all you have to do is do a little googling.

Anyway here goes…

CentralworldskylineSkyline of one of the main commercial districts of Bangkok Chitlom/CentralWorld Mall complex.

Temple in foreground.

Skytrain elevated metro in the background






CentralWorldShrineHindu shrine outside Central World Mall concourse, Chitlom, Bangkok







Shrinehead.CentralworldCentral World festival.

Not exactly sure what this was, also at the Central World concourse. I think it was part of a Buddhist commemoration festival on that day.





JapanesePastaRestaurantJapanese Pasta restaurant.

I love these plastinated meal dishes they put on display in the Far East.

The menu here could be described as kind of Jappo-Italian inspired! I didn’t eat there, so whether I missed out or not I can’t say.





I love the “casual pasta” bit.

Would you prefer your pasta formal or casual?






Wongwianyai3Wong Wian Yai Skytrain line.

You could be forgiven for assuming this is another shot of the central area of Bangkok, but it isn’t.

It’s actually over on the other (left hand) side of the river.

The area is called Wong Wian Yai and it’s where I lived. Far fewer tourists, more native Bangkok/Thai.




womanonmetro_bangkokPassenger on the Bangkok Skytrain

Good thing it’s not the U-Bahn in Germany. Wouldn’t go down too well.

The swastika in the Far East is actually a traditional Buddhist and Hindu symbol which is said to bring good luck (unless you’re German that is). You often see swastikas adorning temples.

Not so usual to see it patterned on a shopping bag though.









River buses in Bangkok.

About 20 Baht for a ride. 






Wong Wian Yai Roundabout

This is the main square/roundabout intersection at the area I lived in, located over the river from the centre.

The guy on the horse I believe is King Taksin, famous Thai figure.




wongwianyaitrafficTraffic at Wong Wian Yai Intersection

Wong Wian Yai is where several major boulevards meet. Very heavy traffic as a result.

The pink cars are taxis. Taxis come in various colours in Bangkok, yellow/green, red, blue, green, yellow, I think depending on what company or group they belong to.



StreetWongWianYaiSide shopping street at Wong Wian Yai

Typical Bangkok shophouses – shops and market stalls below, apartments above – some of them just one room in size.






Traffic accident at Wong Wian Yai.

Police already on the scene.






Another side street at Wong Wian Yai with tuc-tuc taxi








On the bus to Chinatown

Conductor issuing tickets







Busy day in Bangkok’s Chinatown

Back over on the central side of Bangkok. This is the district called  Yaowarat – which is where the Chinatown of Bangkok is located.

It’s also the area of Bangkok with the highest real estate values.




Main street in Chinatown

Chinatown at night is one of the best places in Bangkok to eat. Loads of outdoor kitchens serving great seafood.






And finally, an Internet entrepreneurs meetup I attended in Bangkok.

I’m in the back row 4th from the left. Great people, plenty of stimulating talk and info exchanged.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll put together another selection of pics in a later post.






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