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I don’t know how you reached my site. Maybe via Google, maybe a link from somewhere else. Or perhaps a recommendation from a friend.

Whichever way you landed here – I’d like to extend to you a big Welcome!

This is my blog about breaking free from the corporate 9 to 5 and taking control of your life to create financial freedom and lifestyle independence through building your own capital wealth fund.

It’s about quitting the cycle of working for someone else – most likely in a job you don’t like and in an environment you can’t stand. Commuting in crowded public transport or sitting everyday in a car in polluting traffic. Consuming more and more. Paying endless bills. Getting into more and more debt. Credit cards, house mortgage, car finance, endless insurances, and everything else.

And switching to doing what you really want. Refusing to be a passive consumer of goods and debt. Getting off the hamster wheel. Cutting your living costs. Saving your money rather than spending it. Building your own capital and assets.

Restructuring and redesigning your life to suit yourself.

It’s not about “self sufficiency” through building windmills, joining a commune, or living off the land, or anything like that. It’s about being entrepreneurial through starting your own business to provide value to others by doing something you really enjoy.

Creating value and creating new income flows. Taking advantage of the immense resources of the Internet which enable you to build a business, find customers, and sell goods and services easily and with low overheads.

Working remotely and becoming location independent. Using the opportunity to move to other parts of the world if you wish.

and above all, by living frugally, saving and investing smart by becoming an active investor and taking control of your money. Building up your capital so that you can in due course become truly financially independent.

I’ve been through the whole system – college, student debt, working for big corporates doing high-stress jobs I didn’t really like, in big office environments I hated. Commuting. Earning a high salary. And paying expensive rent and spending money on costly consumer goods in order to compensate for the misery.

Until one day I woke up and said, enough is enough. I’ve seen through it and I want something better. I’m getting off and getting out. From now on I run my life the way I want to live – and not how other people think I should live it.

So that’s what I did.

I downsized. I minimized. I began saving and investing. I started a business. I became location independent. I’m now living my life on my terms. And I’m on my way to financial independence.

If you really want to do the same, then you can. Provided you’re willing to take responsibility for your life and accept some risk.

Breaking free is not for everyone. I don’t wish to make this sound elitist, but it’s simply a fact that we break free rebels are probably a bit of a select bunch.

Most people are too risk-shy. They put up resistance and make excuses. So it’s not for them. They must stay working for The Man!

You have to be willing to break free from the conventional mainstream of how most other people think you should live your life. You have to be a bit of a rebel.

That’s why this site is called Break Free Rebel. Because that’s what I am and that’s what we are.

So if you’re also a rebel who wants to break free, then why not join me!  Just enter your email details in the box below.

And take a look around the site. Inspire yourself. Gather ideas – and get started. And let me know how you get on.

Good luck with your journey towards something much better!


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