Pictures of Penang

These are some pictures I took on my visits to Penang, Malaysia a few years back.








This is the street where I stayed. 102_1087 102_1110 102_1115

The tall building on the right is called the KOMTAR building and it’s regarded as the centre of Penang.

It’s 65 floors high and was built in the 1970s and following a fire, was rebuilt in the 1980s.

Along with mostly government offices it also houses a large shopping mall and a bus station below.












A Chinese dragon street procession in Georgetown outside a Hindu temple.







The procession seemed to be a mix of both Hindu and Chinese groups taking part. 102_1135









The outdoor food court called New World very conveniently located right next to my hotel.







Each kiosk serves a particular speciality.

Great food, a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian food. And very low cost.



102_1148 102_1149 102_1164



You’re never far from a Tesco, even in Penang!








Queen Victoria is not amused.








Smart row of grand colonial style villas.






Typical streets in Georgetown, Penang.


102_1185 102_1192 102_1201 102_1204










Street where my hotel was located. My hotel is the red and white building in the background.








My hotel. Was just $20 per night, air conditioned, en suite bathroom. Excellent value.

I also stayed at the Tune Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

























A much older hotel in Georgetown.






























Chinese temple in Georgetown.






102_1235Georgetown streets in the evening.


There was some great Indian street food to be had in Georgetown.












Beach scenes. Penang has some great beaches.







102_1252 102_1254

Old and new. The skyscraper in the background is known as the Komtar Building,

102_1297Wonder what’s on at the Odeon…








102_1298 102_1299



Old 18th century church in Georgetown








Government buildings in Georgetown.






That’s all for now. Next time I’ll show you some pics from Kuala Lumpur.