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salescopy6What’s The One Thing That Matters Most When You Are Selling Online?

Building brand awareness, providing information, attracting attention, creating a list?


These are all nice to have – and they’re also important. But they aren’t the most important thing.

The most important thing your sales copy has to do is to convert your reader into a customer.

In other words, it’s all about CONVERSIONS

Not about content marketing, blogging, or anything else.

It’s conversions which matter most – pure and simple.

So how do you generate the greatest number of conversions?

Use clever closing methods, utilize all the best sales devices, implement the latest pop-up wizardry?


If you think that, then you’re definitely on the wrong track. And you’re also at the wrong website.

You win conversions by showing your prospects that what you have to sell will genuinely meet their need.

It comes down to good old-fashioned solid sales technique – or marketing technique if you prefer.

There’s actually no mystique about it. It’s just that too many online marketers (and some offline marketers) forget this.

First of all let’s get one thing clear.

“Content Marketing” is not selling.

Sales copy is not the same as Web content or “content marketing”.

You’re either selling – or you’re not selling.

Web content or content marketing can help you generate traffic, create interest, provide information, build your list, and so on.

But content creation isn’t selling.

If you want to sell – then you need to write SALES COPY – and not content.

Good Sales Copy Is The Key To Conversions

Many people can write Web content.

Fewer can write sales copy.

Even fewer people can write good sales copy that actually sells.

To write good sales copy, you have to understand the online sales process. And you have to actually implement that sales process.

It’s the same for all products. I don’t care what you’re selling.

How To Write Sales Copy

This is how I write my sales copy.

First get the reader’s attention

This means drafting an eye-catching headline (sometimes known as “The Hook”).

Next, address the problem

This means knowing WHO your customer is. We have to know who we are talking to. And WHAT the problem is that your customer has.

We have to understand the PAIN the problem causes the customer. Find it, know it, describe it. Home in on it.

And know WHY the customer has the problem and exactly HOW the problem impacts the customer.

Then explain your solution

Show how your product solves the customer’s problem by explaining the benefits to them of your product.

The customer is only really interested in the benefits of using the product, not the product’s features.

This is something too many so-called copywriters don’t pay attention to even though they should.

Then address the objections

All selling involves handling objections. So we have to make sure we handle the objections the customer has.

Finally, make the Call To Action

This is our sales close – the call to action.

Give your reader a strong reason WHY they should buy – and buy NOW. And ASK FOR THE SALE!

What Kind of Copy Do You Write?

I write direct response sales copy which is designed to convert prospects into customers.

This means website sales pages, landing pages, squeeze-pages, email sales letters. The format varies – but the principles are always the same.

I only write copy for quality, reputable products that have a real genuine value proposition for the customer.

I’m not interested in spam, “make money online” stuff, or any of that junk.

Good copy might sell a bad product. But your customers won’t thank you – nor me, for successfully selling them a bad product.

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If you have a quality product or service that provides real value to people – and you need top converting sales copy – then I’m interested.

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