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The Risks of Bitcoin Investing

Ever since their invention, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have been characterized by very sharp and amplified price movements. Both in the upward and the downward direction. This makes them extremely volatile assets. In this article I take a look at the downsides to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing. Let me say first of all that […]

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How to Get Started Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a form of digital money. You can use Bitcoin for transactions. You can use it as a store of value. And you can use it for investing and trading for profit. Bitcoin has been in existence now for over 10 years and the number of users is increasing. The price development of Bitcoin […]

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The Future of Bitcoin in 2017

So what’s the future of Bitcoin in 2017? What will happen to the Bitcoin price? The Future of Bitcoin in 2017 In 2016, Bitcoin saw its value rise by around 125% in 2016 to above $1,000 for a brief moment at least for the first time in three years. This makes Bitcoin the best-performing currency […]

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