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Why You Should Never Use A VPN For Security

The following is a copyright-free (creative-commons) released post by someone explaining why you should never use a VPN if you want security. Most average computer and internet users are unaware of the facts mentioned in this post.  I thought this post expresses the realities about VPNs succintly and clearly, and so I decided to reproduce […]

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Blockchain.info Phishing Scam Attempt

Here’s a warning about blockchain.info domain move phishing scam emails. I received one of these recently. The online wallet blockchain.info is indeed moving to blockchain.com. However there is an email scam in circulation trying to get people to enter their password and seed phrase into a fake website link. The email looks genuine at first […]

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A Practical Guide To Basic WordPress Security

If you have a website for your business, then there’s a good chance it will be a WordPress website. WordPress is a mature and secure Website Content Management System or CMS which is used by millions of websites all around the world. But like all websites and webservers, WordPress can also be hacked and compromised […]

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