How To Write Sales Copy

To write copy which converts prospects into customers and sells your product or service, before you do anything else, you need to be clear about one thing.

Successful sales copy is not primarily about sales techniques. It’s not about shouting sales cliches, yellow highlighter headlines, or underlined bullet points.

Nor does it involve being clever, smart, funny or literary in your sales messages.

There’s actually just one thing you need to do if you want to write sales copy that sells the most.

Put your customers first.

This is such a basic principle it’s surprising so many businesses and so many advertising people disregard it.

They talk about their business, their product, and how brilliant they are. Their customers and their needs become almost an afterthought.

Always put yourself on the side of your customers.

Keep your sales messages honest and straightforward.  State the benefits of what you offer. Show your customers you understand their needs and that you have the right solution for them.

If you do this, you’ll be able to generate the maximum number of conversions.

Whether those conversions are making immediate sales, or generating some other active response, such as inquiries, sign ups or subscriptions.

Always put your customers first.

Keep this simple rule in mind as you create your copy – and you’ll give your copy the best chances of generating the most sales.

When you keep your customer’s interest in mind, the sales copywriting process will look like this

  • You research the product and its customers
  • You draft a strong headline that gets your customers attention and makes them want to read on
  • You then explain the benefits of the product for your customers
  • And you finish with a strong call to action that your customer find hard to resist

Want Some Advice On Writing Your Sales Copy?

If you’re writing your own sales copy, then I’ve put together an online guide which walks you through this process – and gives practical tips on how to write successful sales copy.

The guide takes you through the four main stages of writing sales copy: research, headline creation, writing the main text, and drafting your call to action.