How To Move To Berlin – Also Now Available As Paperback

Want To Move To Berlin To Live, Work or Study?

Here’s The Best Insider Know-How on Moving To Berlin!

Save Yourself Time, Hassle – And Money.

Interested in moving to Berlin to live, work, or study?

You’re not the only one.

It’s estimated over 50,000 people are currently moving to Berlin every year.

It’s easy to see why. Berlin is simply Europe’s most exciting, lively and most happening capital city.

But Berlin isn’t an easy city to get to grips with.

When you move to Berlin for the first time there are a whole load of issues and problems you have to tackle.

Things like finding a place to live. Finding a job. Opening a bank account. Registering with the authorities.

Then there are the issues about tax, health insurance and all the aspects of practical everyday life in a new big city.

Not to mention learning the language.

It’s not easy finding your way around and getting set up in Berlin when you’re a newcomer.

And it’s even harder if you’re faced with doing all this in a different country with a different language.


My name’s Kevin and I’m an expat from London, England who’s spent a decade living in Berlin.

Like so many expats, when I moved to Berlin, I also went through the process of getting set up in Berlin and finding my way.

It cost me a lot of time, overhead, frustration – and money – to work out all these things out for myself.

What I really needed at the time was someone with the inside knowledge who could show me the way as I went through the process of moving and getting established in the city.

So I’ve put together this e-book.

NEW! “How To Move To Berlin” is now also available from Amazon as a printed paperback book.

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How To Move To Berlin

by Kevin Wells

Everything you need to know about living and working in Europe’s coolest capital”

How To Move To Berlin is a hands-on, how-to guide to the practicalities of moving to Berlin based on my own experience and my years of living in Berlin.

My aim is to give you the practical insider know-how you need to avoid the costly mistakes so many people make so that your move to Berlin goes as smoothly as possible.

This is the handbook I wish I’d had to guide me when I moved to Berlin.

Just $9.99 USD

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How To Move To Berlin

is a PDF format e-book containing over 490 pages and 22 chapters packed with practical, street level know-how:

greentickThe Advantages of Living in Berlin

greentickThe Downside of Living in Berlin

greentickHow To Prepare Your Move

greentickHow To Get a Visa

greentick Arriving in Berlin

greentick Getting a Mobile Phone Number

greentick How To Open a Bank Account

greentick How To Find Short-Term Accommodation

greentickHow To Register With The Authorities

greentick Where To Live in Berlin

greentickHow To Find an Apartment

greentickHow To Find a Job in Berlin

greentickHow To Apply For a Job in Germany

greentickHow To Learn German in Berlin

greentickThe German Tax System

greentickHow To Arrange Health Insurance

greentickHow To Launch Your Start-Up in Berlin

greentickHow To Study in Berlin

greentickHow Brexit Affects Expats in Berlin

greentickThe Cost of Living in Berlin

greentickUseful Resources About Berlin

Save yourself hassle, time, frustration, overhead – and expense with your move to Berlin.

 “How To Move To Berlin” is now also available from Amazon as a printed paperback book.

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How To Move To Berlin is packed full of practical information and know-how.

This e-book is a MUST HAVE if you’re interested in moving to Berlin.

Over 490 pages and 22 chapters of solid, practical advice, tips, and insider info on how to get established in Germany’s capital city makes this handbook incredible value for money!

This must surely be the most comprehensive guide available for expats moving to Berlin today.


How To Move To Berlin

by Kevin Wells

Everything you need to know about living and working in Europe’s coolest capital”

Equip Yourself With The Latest And Best Berlin Insider Know-How

Make Your Move To Berlin Go Smoothly

Save Yourself Time, Hassle, Frustration – And Money

Just $9.99 USD

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“How To Move To Berlin” is also available from Amazon as a printed paperback book.

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