Want To Move To Berlin? Here’s The Secret of Making Your Move a Success

Interested in moving to Berlin?

You’re not alone. Thousands of people are now making the move to Berlin from all parts of the world.

Berlin is a city I know well. I also made the move there myself. Berlin is Germany’s – and Europe’s, most energetic, lively – and most happening city.

It’s young, cool, and go-ahead, with a fantastic social scene. There’s just so much going on there. For creative people and digital nomads especially, Berlin is an exciting and dynamic hotspot with plenty of startups and opportunities to network and make contact with other like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs.

It’s the place to be where everything is going on right now.

But moving to Berlin isn’t so easy in practice. A lot of things are different to how they are in other countries. It can take time to find your way and find your feet when you are new in Berlin.

There’s one thing above all that you can do which will give you a BIG advantage over other newcomers to Berlin and help you enormously with making your move to Berlin a success.

Want to know what it is?

Learning to speak German.

Many Berliners have at least some knowledge of English, but it varies from person to person. And newcomers to Berlin are often surprised by how little English is actually spoken by Berliners compared to countries such as the Netherlands for example.

People in Berlin tend to have less knowledge of English than in other countries and not so ready to speak it as say in cities like Amsterdam or Brussels.

But when you can speak German, then you’ll have a definite advantage over the other newcomers – and you’ll also get much more out of the city and your time there.

Imagine Being Able To Speak German Just Like A Native

Being able to order in a restaurant, converse easily with German people in everyday situations.

Understand German TV, enjoy German films in the original language without having to read subtitles. Be able to read German newspapers magazines and books

Socialize confidently in German and make new friends. And who knows – maybe even meet someone who could become a new lover!

A whole new world opens up for you. And it’s all possible when you learn to speak German.

Not only that, but speaking German makes your interactions with German bureaucracy a lot easier when it comes to things such as visa permits, residence registration, tax returns and so on.

Government officials in Berlin are officially required to speak German in their dealings with the public.  So if you can speak German you’ll be able to handle such situations much more smoothly and to your own advantage.

And of course, being able to speak and understand German also makes it a lot easier when looking for an apartment in Berlin’s highly competitive housing market. Not to mention when finding a job, or when you’re involved in business negotiations with German companies.

You can see that being able to speak and understand German is THE KEY to getting the most out of Berlin!

But isn’t German hard to learn?

Not at all! Unlike what some people might think, German is actually relatively easy to learn – especially for English-speaking people.

German is closely related to English, so that already gives you a head start. This means a lot of words are very easy to understand.

As an example, here are some German words you already know:

bier, haus, wasser, kalt, heiss, warm, auto, garten, kindergarten, zigarette, brot, mann, frau, bruder, mutter, vater, fussball.

Pretty easy huh?

OK, but what about those long German words? It looks like a mouthful!

There’s no need to be intimidated by long German words.

German is a very logical language and the long words come about simply because Germans write the nouns that denote one object all joined up together.

So you can easily break down the long words into their component parts to know what they mean.

For example let’s take the German word for central station: Hauptbahnhof. This is made up of Haupt – meaning main, and Bahnhof – meaning station. So it simply means terminus or central station.

As it’s referring to one single item – the central station, it’s simply written together as one word, rather than two separate ones.

And by the way, there aren’t even that many long words in everyday speech in German.

What about the grammar?

German has 3 “genders” for nouns – masculine, feminine and neuter.

That might at first sound complicated. But in fact, there are general rules which help determine which category a word falls under. German after all is a rule-based language – so in practice it’s relatively easy.

Another plus is that German is also spoken just like it’s written – with no exceptions. Which makes it much easier to read and pronounce than for example French, or for that matter, English.

Doesn’t it take a long time to learn German?

Not when you use a self-study audio method like GermanPod. It’s very quick. GermanPod is the fastest, most time-efficient and effective way of learning a language for practical purposes.

It works so well because with GermanPod you’re learning intensively all the time. You’re listening and speaking, rather than just reading from a book. Its been found to be a much more efficient method of learning a language than sitting in a classroom.

Also, you’re learning the language you actually use in modern everyday life. Too many textbooks teach dry, out of date material which you rarely even need in real life. With an audio course like GermanPod you learn the actual language that German people speak in actual everyday situations.

The GermanPod audio method is fast, it’s modern, efficient, fun and enjoyable.

And you see results quickly. Because you’re learning the language that you really need to know in everyday life in Germany. Not dry textbook knowledge that you will almost never use.

I too learned German using the self-study audio method. And I can confirm that it works – and works very well. In fact, it was the best investment I ever made to prepare me for my move to Berlin.

Get Speaking German NOW With GermanPod

GermanPod is now one of the world’s most successful digitally based online language courses.

This is because with GermanPod you learn German quickly in your own time, as and when you want – and at your own pace.

And what’s more, GermanPod is VERY low-cost.

GermanPod is Fast

You can use GermanPod on your smartphone and tablet, as well on as your laptop or PC.

So you can be learning German wherever you are – and whenever you’re on the move.

With GermanPod you can make the most of those spare moments of time that you have which otherwise just get wasted.

Such as in the car, commuting on the bus or train, whilst standing in a line or sitting in a waiting room.
Learning German With GermanPod is Easy, Fast – And Fun

GermanPod teaches you modern, up-to-date German. The kind of German that people speak in everyday life in Germany.

GermanPod is Easy

GermanPod comes with four different learning levels -Absolute Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. So you can choose the level which suits you best.

That makes learning German with GermanPod very easy, fast and fun.

I myself learned German using the self-study audio method before I came to Berlin and I found it the fastest and easiest way of learning to speak and understand German.

GermanPod is Affordable

GermanPod is available on a monthly subscription basis. It’s “pay as you go”. Unlike some German courses, you don’t have to part with a large sum of money.

For just $4 a month you can get started with GermanPod.

For longer term advance subscriptions there are discounts of between 11% and up to 60%.

And if you’re a student then you can benefit from an EXTRA 20% DISCOUNT on a 12-month subscription.

This makes it very inexpensive to get started learning German with GermanPod.

And it gives you the flexibility to use as little or as much of GermanPod as you wish, when you wish – and according to your own budget.

In short, GermanPod is probably the best investment you can make to ensure the success of your move to Berlin.

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